Alexander BootYou are cordially welcome to my site, please come in. Have you brought with you any voguish political, cultural or social ideas? Oh, you shouldn’t have. Do leave them at the door if you don’t wish to see them attacked. You can reclaim them on the way out, but I hope you won’t want to.

Herostratus burned down the temple of Artemis at Ephesus, considered the most beautiful building ever. He didn’t want to hurt anybody; he only wanted to become famous, but in the end it didn’t matter: the temple was no more. Likewise, I regard the metaphorical temple of Western civilisation as the most beautiful of God’s and man’s creations. That’s why it pains me to watch the edifice being burnt down by carnivore and vegetarian alike, people who perpetrate this crime consciously or negligently, with much bloodshed or none, with their faces distorted by ugly scowls or lit up by beatific smiles. In the end it makes no difference: the temple is no more.

It took me about 10 years of examining the scene of the crime, the West, to arrive at this melancholy observation, and another 10 or so to make enough sense of it to start writing. But once I got going, I could write about nothing else. Each book I’ve published since, though perfectly capable of standing on its own, is but another chapter in an ongoing attempt to ponder the shattered temple, to understand why it was destroyed and by whom, to pull together its scattered fragments to see how they add together, while hoping against hope that one day they would again be whole.

Everything I write is a polemic, manifestly or implicitly: after all, one can’t attack received wisdom by agreeing with it. Thus you’ll find here arguments against everything held dear by progressive mankind. Nothing is off limits, neither the modern state nor the welfare state, neither atheism nor Darwinism, neither modernism in culture nor the culture of political correctness. But let me assure you that, though some personalities come in for rough treatment, none of this is personal. It’s only an attempt to find the same thing you are looking for: the truth. I hope we can find it together.