10,000,000 proofs it’s not black lives that matter

That’s how many black people have been killed in assorted Central African genocides over the past few decades. An appalling number of black lives have been lost in Sudan, the Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda – to name just the deadliest massacres.

On a smaller scale, thousands of American blacks are killed every year by other blacks. That’s more lives that matter, stamped out.

Yet one can’t recall offhand any outbursts of public wrath to match those prompted by the death of a single black criminal unlawfully killed by white cops. Do you get the impression that the on-going mayhem has been inspired by reasons other than touching concern for human lives?

Wise people know that to murder masses is the only real reason for mass murder. Similarly, discounting the self-righteous drivel emanating from all the usual quarters, rioting is the only immediate reason for riots.

Whatever pretexts are put forth by way of justification are just that, pretexts. Every mass riot, especially one underpinned by woke slogans, is a false flag operation.

Faced with a marauding mob, Britain goes down on one knee, and it’s not long before the other one is bent too. Looters and vandals are demanding mass genuflection as a gesture of surrender, and their demand is met with alacrity.

This emphasises the mock-religious nature of woke demonstrations and remonstrations. By eliciting a ghastly caricature of a Christian ritual, the mob is extorting worship of their secular deities, not just tacit agreement.

So-called liberals are Frankensteins observing with paternal pride the monster they have created. The monstrous sub-culture of resentment and discontent has been lovingly fostered for decades, as an essential prong of the ‘liberal’ attack on Western tradition.

Now they are trying to conceal smug QED smiles, but the grins force their way onto their faces. Using brainwashed, dumbed-down masses as their weapons, the ‘liberals’ have shown how easy it has become to bring the West, including Britain, to its knees.

Black lives don’t really matter to them. Neither do lives of any other colour. What matters is the rat of self-righteous resentment running around their hollow minds. They won’t have a moment’s rest until they release the creature to infect the world. Now they know they can.

2 thoughts on “10,000,000 proofs it’s not black lives that matter”

  1. “In the entire weekend stretching from 7 p.m. Friday, May 29, through 11 p.m. Sunday, May 31, 24 people were killed in Chicago and another 85 were wounded by gunfire.”

    Worst in sixty years. And no let. No one says even stop. Cops so tied up with the “protests” no ability to respond to any sort of average-every-day mayhem.

    We have had a heat wave here in Chicago the last week. That must be the reason. Sure.

    That number to includes only those killed on the WEEKEND!

  2. Closer to home, here in America, approximately 19,000,000 black babies have been aborted since 1973. (Though they make up about 14% of the childbearing population, they obtain 36% of the abortions.) No protests about that. As Bert mentioned Chicago, above, on average one black person is murdered every day of the year in Chicago – and it has been going on for decades. No protests for that, either.

    We have protests against fast food restaurants being built in low income neighborhoods, but nobody says a word about the abortion clinics. Approximately 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority communities.

    Black lives do not matter if they are taken by other blacks.

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