Allahu Akbar from Paris to Indonesia

Repeat after me: this has nothing to do with Islam

When I heard of the knife attack in Paris, near l’Opéra, I immediately wondered what was playing that night. Was it Wagner?

One can see how even a basically nonviolent man can develop uncontrollable homicidal tendencies after hearing just one act of any of the Ring operas. But that was just the first guess, one admittedly out of the left field.

The second guess proved spot on: the murderous knifeman accompanied each thrust with the scream ‘Allahu Akbar!’, which has become de rigueur under such circumstances. A closer examination revealed that the murderer was from Chechnya, a republic that these days exports terrorists high and wide, from Boston (remember the Marathon?) to the Middle East.

It’s interesting that the Chechens, while traditionally Muslim, used not to be particularly pious. For example, they could match their Russian enemies drink for drink.

They fought Russians to protect their independence, not their faith. However, the Chechens’ religiosity was heightened courtesy of the two wars thrust down their throat first by Yeltsyn, then by Putin.

I witnessed the first one, or rather its by-product, by visiting a refugee camp on the Chechen border in 1995. My prior life had resembled not so much a bed of roses as a clump of nettles, but even so I was unprepared for the gruesome misery I saw in that converted school, where hungry and ill people were piled up on mattresses 60 to a room.

I heard stories, later covered in Western papers, of whole villages massacred and torched, of innocent people tossed out of helicopters at 300 feet, of tortures, rapes, torture. One old woman died before my very eyes: after seeing her whole family perish to Russian brutality, her roommates explained, she no longer wanted to live.

The only help they were getting, explained the man who ran the camp, came from their “Muslim brothers in Saudi Arabia”, and that was the first time I heard a Chechen refer to his faith. But then people finding themselves in extreme circumstances often turn to God. We hugged when I left, even though I’m not often given to sentimental gestures.

The Chechens became even more devout after the second war, that one launched to entrench Putin in the Kremlin. But this time something else happened: Putin eventually managed to install his close ally Ramzan Kadyrov as Chechnya’s supremo.

Now Kadyrov represents another strain of traditional Chechnya: full-time banditry. The Russian government fought Chechen raiders throughout the nineteenth century, but only with variable success. Whole armies were involved, led by such heroes of Napoleonic wars as Generals Yermolov and Paskevich.

Putin, on the other hand, chose to act according to the old adage: if you can’t beat them, join them. Or, in this case, make them join you. The birds of a feather stuck together, and make no mistake about it: they are birds of prey.

Kadyrov’s gangs have been given the freedom of Moscow, where they’ve largely monopolised the traditional nice earners of organised crime, with the government turning a blind eye (when not actively participating). In exchange, the Chechens carry out little assignments for the Kremlin, such as ‘whacking’ dissidents, journalists and political opponents.

The relationship is symbiotic, and Kadyrov recently announced that he regards as a personal enemy anyone who’s against Putin. And believe you me, you don’t want to be Kadyrov’s personal enemy.

Meanwhile the newly radicalised and Islamised Chechens have formed a river feeding the raging sea of Islamic terrorism. You can find them murdering (often in the ranks of ISIS), suicide bombing and extorting all over the world. For the first time in their history the Chechens regularly scream ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as a battle cry, not as a prayer.

The slasher of l’Opéra, whose name hasn’t been released, managed to stab five people before he himself was shot by the police. One of his victims died, two others are critical. All we know so far about the murderer is that he was 21 years old and a naturalised French citizen.

The police had known all about him, and he was in their database of Islamic radicals. But, in the good tradition of police forces all over the West, they could do nothing about it until the Muslim actually killed somebody. Prevention may be better than cure, but not when it goes against the grain of multi-culti diversity.

Intern or, Allah forbid, deport any Muslim radical, and there will be not just demonstrations but barricades in the street, manned, no doubt, by the entire faculty and student body of the Sorbonne. The events of 1968 will seem like a picnic by comparison.

ISIS claimed responsibility for this one, saying that the attack was a retaliation for whatever it was they felt like retaliating against. Obviously, outrages calling for revenge abound, for another ISIS gang has just used suicide bombers to blow up three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city.

Bombs being more efficacious than knives, they scored a higher death toll: 11 dead, in addition to 40 wounded. Those Indonesian Christians clearly had a lot to answer for.

The picture is almost complete, but one critical piece is still missing, until later today at any rate. So far we haven’t heard any Western leader, not even young Manny, announce that the murders neither had anything to do with Islam nor could have possibly done so. Islam, as we all know (especially those of us who haven’t read the Koran) is a religion of peace.

The murders are always the work of mentally unbalanced loners – presumably like those who overran half of Europe back in the old days. If the murderers only knew how un-Islamic violence is, they wouldn’t shout ‘Allahu Akbar’.

I wonder what they should shout instead. Long live diversity?

10 thoughts on “Allahu Akbar from Paris to Indonesia”

  1. President Macron has said the French “will not give an inch to the enemies of freedom.” The same hogwash Hollande used to feed the French public. The French have given the enemies of freedom acres, and suburbs, not to mention the sacrifice of many civil liberties. Can any student of history explain to us what got the French all worked up back in 1789, so that we can see if there is still any hope for them?

  2. “another ISIS gang has just used suicide bombers to blow up three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city.”

    Not a single occurrence in Indonesia either. Additionally one can hardly imagine the ferocious response if three mosques were blown up by some Christian with death toll.

  3. “Can any student of history explain to us what got the French all worked up back in 1789”

    Cake and bread and all that? Or was it the hair-do of Madame Pompadour?

  4. My politically correct calendar reminds me that Ramadan, (ram-a-dame) commences Tuesday, so expect a bit more yelling of ‘Allahu Akbar’ globally. Our P.C. leaders may suggest we keep inside for the month so we don’t cause offense.

    1. ‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time’. Today, you can abbreviate that to ‘politicians are disbelieved by almost all of the people all of time’. A country that addresses all of its problems by delay, lying and denial will become a failed state and therefore vulnerable to hostile take-over by internal or external forces. The result will be tyranny but any tyrant would deny that of course.

    2. Also the Nakhba day [Catastrophe] for the Palestinians. We can expect big things in Israel and environs tomorrow?

      1. The Israeli’s are again, depicted as the bad guys, despite the fact that there was a HUGE mob at their safety fence of rock throwing, fire-stick crop-burners, intent on killing Jews!

  5. Further to my previous comment, I should make it clear that I consider that a failed state followed by a tyranny is still a failed state only more and irreversibly so, just like the Russian Federation.

    As for the events in Paris in May 1968, a student at the barricades was very likely to end up with a cracked skull, which is why “sons of the bourgeoisie’’ like Cohn-Bendit stayed in their bookshops. The futility of it all was underlined by the victory of the Gaullists in the June 1968 election (293 of 378 seats). Macron could do himself a favour and become a born again Gaullist in the event of another ‘Ramadan van’ episode.

  6. Truly, if these chaps believe in God the Almighty, why on Earth do they think He needs them to stab infidels on His behalf? I know (well I don’t know, but I trust) the Koran commands this but the theology escapes me. It’s like the whole chastity thing they’ve got going, if one only abstains in the hope of an afterlife featuring a cosmic orgy, then I think that somewhat under-minds the practice.

    1. AND, Isaac, the amount of Western sympathisers, and especially feminists, simply is dumbfounding! One only has to ask a simple question, “The Sunna of Mohammed includes wife beating, as does the Sharia. Do you think it is a good practice? ” It is a question Muslims won’t answer, however politicians should.

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