Black lives do matter – but not to other blacks

BlackLivesMatterThe other day, parts of London and other major cities were paralysed by mobs expressing solidarity with the plight of American blacks who, according to the rabble rousers, are being wantonly slaughtered by trigger-happy white cops.

Heathrow airport was cut off by riotous crowds organised by the Socialist Workers Party, which is what the Communist Party calls itself these days. Communists in general have a most touching concern for human lives, except those 150 million or so they themselves have taken in different parts of the world.

In this case, they are half-right: blacks are indeed being wantonly slaughtered – but not by white cops. True enough, white US policemen kill on average about 200 blacks a year. In most cases this is self-defence, for stubborn facts show that a white policemen is 18.5 times less likely to kill a black man than to be killed by him.

And yes, some of the killings, very few, are unjustified, as they’re bound to be in a country where blacks account for 85 per cent of all violent crimes. Many of those are committed with guns, and a policeman would have to be inhuman not to have his finger tight on the trigger when approaching a black suspect. Sometimes tight fingers twitch too fast or at a wrong time, and a tragedy occurs.

Now communists aren’t good at putting things in perspective, but we must be. And the perspective shows that blacks are indeed being slaughtered in America – by other blacks. Over the past 35 years, an estimated 324,000 blacks have been killed in the US by people of the same skin pigmentation.

One doesn’t see too many protesters with placards saying ‘Blacks, stop killing one another’. Black lives matter, but not that much. Actually, not at all.

Nor did black lives matter during the genocides in Burundi and Rwanda, when close to 1.5 million Tutsis were slaughtered by Hutus and vice versa. Typologically the same mob was then too busy protesting against black South Africans not having quite the same rights as the whites. It’s that perspective thing again.

The rioters favour melodramatic gestures, such as chaining themselves together and blocking approach roads to Heathrow and Birmingham airports, or lying across tram tracks in the centre of Nottingham. They know in advance that no one will drive a car or a tram over them – at times one is sorry we’re too civilised for our own good.

Some of the road blocks prevented ambulances from getting patients to hospitals, but the statistical probability is that most of those patients were white. Their lives don’t matter to the crazed leftie mob. Neither do black lives or those any other colour. Theirs is the kind of action that is the aim in itself.

Just as the only real purpose of mass murder is the murder of masses, the only real purpose of such disruptive action is to act disruptively. These people cherish every opportunity to thumb their noses at society, ideally hurt it, bring it to a standstill or, as in this case, prevent normal people from going on holiday or to work.

They never really defend a cause, especially when the cause is as clearly indefensible as this one. They’re venting their pent-up resentment against society and hatred of, well, everything.

Some just come for the ride: an opportunity to create mayhem is too good to miss. Some come because of peer pressure, but then they themselves have chosen their peer group. None of them really cares about the declared cause or has thought it through. The slogan on their placards is a pretext, not the reason.

They detest everything they describe as the establishment, refusing to accept that they themselves are it. Iconoclasm lives on long after all icons have been smashed.

No, my enraged friends, black lives don’t matter, not as such. Human lives matter, whatever the colour of the bodies within which they unfold. And it’s the likes of you who are responsible for making our lives at best unpleasant and at worst endangered.

A few of the demonstrators were arrested, and I wonder what the charge will be, if they’re indeed charged. Probably public disturbance, one would think. I’d charge them with the more serious crime: unlawful arrest and kidnapping. They did, after all, hold hundreds of thousands to ransom.

4 thoughts on “Black lives do matter – but not to other blacks”

  1. Many of those gathered to disrupt and ‘protest’ imaginary offenses are actually paid to be there. The plan is and has been for quite a long time to cause a race war here in the US. Anyone monitoring the constant fabricated flare ups that conclude with nothing accomplished but neighborhoods destroyed and incited hatred mounting, sees what it’s really doing. This is an old ploy and the benefit for those safely ensconced in their ivory towers is that when the blood in the streets dries and the dust settles, many people are eliminated. This includes poor blacks whose demise will free up vast welfare funds. That they don’t understand that they are being used to further a larger sinister agenda is attributable to the last four decades of a different kind of enslavement.

      1. In a word, no. The Turner Diaries depicts the aspirations of a white supremacist. Hitler would have eaten it up and made it a ‘must read’ for all his henchmen.

        What I see happening is that those who wish to reorder the world want to get rid of a variety of people, including many whites, and those on welfare. Not to mention those who are generally considered oppositional and problematic because they choose to defend the right to own a gun for self protection. To pit these groups against each other can accomplish quite a bit to advance the cause of removing borders, sovereignty and self rule to herald in one central government. Ironic isn’t it that One World Government used to be considered just wild conspiracy theory.

  2. Excellent article, with some telling stats about America. One tiny clarification about the UK. The SWP is not what the Communist Party now calls itself; both these “parties”, and their predecessors under other names, have co-existed for some time now on the fissiparous and quarrelsome left. Whereas the CP remains resolutely Leninist and gradually fades into oblivion because
    nobody is interested in archaic language about pig-iron production and the commanding heights of the economy, the SWP claims to be Trotskyist and has a tendency to latch onto every passing youth grievance – hence their current involvement with the “Black lives” nonsense. They are more “yoof-oriented” and keener on scuffling with the police, and most of the mass-produced placards you see at disturbances are courtesy of the SWP.

    As Samuel Johnson said, there is no settling the point of precedency between a louse and a flea, but entomologists sometimes find the differences interesting.

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