Bonk if you love woke

Two-thirds of recently polled lesbians claim they’ve been pressured or even threatened into having sex with trans ‘women’.

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Whenever they exercise their God-given right to say no, they may be forever branded as transphobes or, even worse, terfs.

Now here’s your chance to prove your vocabulary is larger than mine. Do you know what ‘terf’ means? Neither did I. However, having done some lexicographic research, I’ve found out it stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

If a lesbian qualifies for the last two words of that designation, as most do, she must forswear the first two or bear the stigma of transphobia and terfdom. That effectively means being drummed out of the woke club, a fate than which nothing is worse.

To prove they belong, lesbians must commit not only their hearts and souls but also their genitals to this worthy political cause. That makes me intensely jealous, not to say resentful.

How come no woman has ever felt compelled to prove her conservative credentials by sleeping with me? Don’t answer that; my self-esteem is threadbare as it is.

Some of the comments made by the poll respondents are heart-rending. One lesbian complained tearfully: “I thought I would be called a transphobe or that it would be wrong of me to turn down a trans woman who wanted to exchange nude pictures.”

A fair exchange is no robbery, I say. And that same resentment is again gnawing at my heart. Why hasn’t any woman ever asked me to exchange nude pictures? Nor even any man? Not even in my younger, leaner days? Hold on a second… I need a long, stiff… drink to settle my nerves.

Another respondent faced a dilemma both moral and physiological: “I was told that homosexuality doesn’t exist and I owed it to my trans sisters to unlearn my ‘genital confusion’ so I can enjoy letting them penetrate me.”

The word ‘penetrate’ suggests that her sister hasn’t yet divested herself of the fixtures more readily associated with a brother. Indeed, the poor woman described her pursuer as a “pre-op trans guy.”

That pre-op trans guy wants to have the best of two worlds, or rather more than two. That’s too greedy for words. The chap strives to outdo Caesar by not only being “a husband to every woman and a wife to every man”, but also a husband to every man and a wife to every woman. How rapacious can one get?

But I too am confused, though more lexically than genitally. What does it mean, “homosexuality doesn’t exist”? It manifestly does, doesn’t it?

If I were that woman, I’d call the police and complain that someone has just committed the hate crime of being dismissive about my sexuality. That action would absolve her of disloyalty to the LGBT+ cause, although that dread word ‘terf’ would still be left wafting through the air.

One woman explained that lesbians’ standards are different from men’s. She, for example, would only have sex with persons who are biologically female, regardless of their self-identification.

My confusion deepened, for my standards are exactly the same as hers. I’ve never had sex with anyone or anything other than biological females, nor have ever been tempted to do so. I hate to keep referring solipsistically to myself, but have I done something wrong?

Another lesbian was told by a rejected trans that, given the choice between killing her or Hitler, he/she/it would choose her every time. Since Hitler was long since dead, that left her as the only available option.

I don’t know if the poor thing succumbed to that not-so-veiled threat but, if she did, that sounds suspiciously like rape. Oh sorry, I forgot. Only straight men can be accused of that heinous crime.

Do you ever get the feeling that life is passing you by? That other people are having all the fun? I do, all the time. But in this case I’m relieved to see that the fun I’m missing comes at a cost.

The woke ‘community’ seems to have much more stringent membership standards than any Pall Mall club. At the Carlton, White’s or the RAC you know exactly what the terms and conditions are, and they are highly unlikely to change radically in any foreseeable future.

By contrast, the Woke Club piles new requirements on every day, almost at the same speed at which it coins and enforces unlikely neologisms. How do those poor souls ever keep up?

8 thoughts on “Bonk if you love woke”

  1. Crazy me – I have questions. I am so confused. Are trans people (whose biological gender does not align with their personal preference) attracted to straight people (those whose biological gender aligns with their preference)? If so, does that mean, for example, a male who thinks he is a female is attracted to a straight male? If that straight male reciprocates does that mean he is actually straight? Or would that trans person be more likely to be attracted to a trans person? So, a male who thinks he is a female is attracted to a female who thinks she is a male?

    Wait – where was I?

    1. You’ve lost me, April. It takes a keener mind than mine or yours to wade through this kind of mental swamp. But don’t despair: all will soon be revealed. Just read the press regularly.

      1. I just wish I could wake up from this nightmare – it’s gone on too long and way past the point of absurdity. Of course I see the spiritual side to this – war with dark principalities – but there’s the worldly side too. This entitled younger generation can’t possibly make common sense choices. I see it as a cycle of dearth and plenty. When we have too much our toddler natures do stupid things that circle us back to having nothing.

        In case you haven’t seen this video – slightly off topic but not.

          1. Given that I am completely jaded now, I don’t even trust the ‘conservative’ versions of media broadcasts anymore. I ask too many questions – like – why does Fox News, owned by a very left leaning corp allow Tucker Carlson to say what conservatives want to hear? Are they playing both end to the middle to hang onto to their conservative base? I almost always can come to the conclusion – follow the money.

          2. Sky Australia is excellent, Chris Kenny, Rita Pahani, Rowan Dean and Peta Credlin all worth listening to, fighting for the west.

  2. I feel a certain schadenfreude whenever I hear of newly excommunicated former woke club members, analogous almost to the sentiments (God forgive me) aroused when I turn on the news and read of a reglement des comptes in the underworld: ‘Let them all do you know what to each other!’

  3. I liked the video though I would’ve liked it more if the anchorman were face to face with the little brat when he unleashed

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