Congratulations to Ed Miliband on his towering achievement

I would have definitely bet my house against it. Probably my car. Possibly even my wife (admittedly she might have had a say in such a wager, and especially its payoff).

And boy, am I glad I didn’t – I would have lost them all. For Ed and his Milibandits bucked the odds to score the greatest feat in modern British politics. They made Dave look good by comparison.

Don’t get me wrong: Dave too is perfectly capable of talking, and proposing, utter nonsense when his focus groups tell him that’s what the public wants to hear.

He too happily introduces the most asinine policies imaginable if he feels this may gain a couple of percentage points at the polls. But Dave is restrained – ever so marginally, but still – by his party, especially its grassroots.

Under Dave’s sage tutelage, the Tory party has already lost half its membership – this to the accompaniment of Dave’s triumphant elation that the attrition isn’t even more severe. A few more gems like homomarriage unearthed by Dave, and he won’t have a party to lead.

Since for old times’ sake British politics is still conducted through a party system, Dave can defy the Tory DNA only to some, albeit growing, extent. At some point a steel shutter will come clanking down: thus far, but no farther.

The Milibandits’ DNA is different. Coded into it is hatred of everything that makes Britain British – or for that matter of everything that makes the West Western.

That’s why it’s important to cut through the bovine dung of their rhetoric and see the destructive animus lurking underneath every policy they’ve ever proposed or, when in power, executed.

They talk about equal education for all as a means of helping the lower classes to move up the social ladder – hence the rout of grammar schools and the proliferation of idiot-spewing comprehensives.

As a result, those with the dirty end of the stick stuck down their throats are the very lower classes the Milibandits allegedly set out to help. Devoid of the social hoist of decent education, they remain stuck at the bottom. Social privilege, rather than disappearing, becomes chiselled in stone. Social mobility grinds to a halt.

They talk about equal medical care for all – our hospitals turn into death traps never before seen in the West, and Britain boasts the distinction of being a first-world country with third-world medicine.

They talk about helping the poor – hence the mind-numbingly stupid and subversive welfare state, making sure that the poor will not only always be with us, but that their number will continue to grow.

So never mind the well-meaning rhetoric. By their fruits ye shall know them, and those reared by the Milibandits happily combine toxic qualities with rancid taste.

Now they prattle on about changing the economy in ways that go back to the 1970s, when Britain was known as the basket case of Europe.

We don’t have to go too deep into the details, for these don’t really matter. It’s the spirit that counts, and it has spilled out of its bottle.

Many commentators have suggested that Ed’s economic goals vindicate his nickname (Red Ed). I’d suggest that it would be more appropriate to use another colour: russet (half-red, half-brown).

Divest the pre-kristallnacht Nazi Germany of its racial desiderata, and its economy would look exactly like the kind Russet Ed sees in his mind’s eye. Unlike the Bolsheviks, real reds, the Nazis were not out to transfer the ownership of the economy to the state. All they wanted was to exercise control.

Similarly, Ed doesn’t even mention the possibility of nationalising, say, the energy companies. All he wants is to introduce the Nazi-style mechanisms of wage and price controls to shift the ownership of the economy statewards de facto but not necessarily de jure.

How else is he going to keep his promise of freezing energy prices? The state can freeze the taxes and duties it imposes on energy (which wouldn’t be a bad idea), but not its wholesale price.

This, as we’ve seen in the past, can skyrocket overnight, especially since much of our energy comes from politically volatile regions. If what the energy companies pay the producers exceeds what Russet Ed allows them to charge the consumers, they’ll go bust – it’s as simple as that.

For businesses operate to make a profit, not to conform to the madness of the loony left, be that of the national or international variety. As Adam Smith explained, “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their self-love…”

Deprive businesses of the profit motive, which Ed clearly wants to do to the energy companies, and we’ll all freeze in the dark. But socialists, national or international, never care how much misery they’re going to cause.

What matters to them is power, with its concomitant means to stage yet another diabolical experiment on human beings. What the Milibandits unveiled at their conference is just that: a power-grabbing gambit.

What’s deeply worrying is that Dave doesn’t hold exclusive rights to focus groups. The Milibandits use them too, and their findings must suggest that there are enough people out there to whom Ed’s subversive drivel appeals.

Be afraid, be very afraid. A couple of years from now we may well be missing Dave. Can you think of a worse fate?

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