Corbyn and Xi sing in unison

Each time I rant and rave about Boris Johnson, which is about every day, I say the magic word. The decibel level drops instantly, and the piercing screams turn into muted moans.

None dare call it treason

That magic word is ‘Corbyn’. For Chairman Jeremy came within a whisker of becoming PM in 2019. Had the Tories come up with a less charismatic leader than Johnson, Britain could have been stuck with an evil communist government – rather than one merely woke, unprincipled and incompetent.

For make no mistake about it: Chairman Jeremy is a rank communist, and only the low street cred of the actual Communist Party stopped his party affiliation going with his heart. Since one can’t win elections standing as a communist candidate, Corbyn became what his idol Lenin called a ‘legalist’.

The term describes a communist who decides that, rather than acting as a wrecking ball trying to demolish the West violently, he should work as a termite, slowly eating away at its foundations from within. Legalist communists participate in Western institutions the better to undermine them and, in Britain, they tend to become Labour or, at a pinch, LibDems by way of subterfuge.

The word ‘nuclear’ has the same effect on Chairman Jeremy as the word ‘culture’ had on Dr Goebbels. That is, when the word is used in a Western context. He has no problems with nuclear energy or even weapons – provided they are wielded by the communist enemies of Britain.

Hence he made no indignant noises about China arming herself with nuclear warheads, bombs and submarines. But the moment the US and the UK agreed to supply Australia with such submarines, Corbyn’s face turned the colour of his beloved flag.

The AUKUS pact, he screeched, is a start of “a new Cold War”. That, he explained, “will not bring peace, justice and human rights to the world.”

That, actually, is true. Weapon systems of any kind aren’t designed to pursue those lofty goals. They can, however, protect countries that already have such wonderful things from falling prey to foreign tyrannies.

In this case, the immediate aim of AUKUS is to give Australia more tools to defend herself against the dominant power in the region. That happens to be one of the most evil regimes ever to curse the world: communist China.

The long-term goal goes beyond Australia’s self-defence. AUKUS is effectively a military bloc put together to contain or, that failing, repel China’s aggression against Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and of course Australia.

Now, the Chinese are by natural disposition traders, not military aggressors. That’s how they used to be traditionally known in Asia. But communism rides roughshod over tradition.

Thus, just a few months after they grabbed power in 1949, the Chinese communists attacked South Korea, with millions of their ‘volunteers’ pouring over the 38th parallel when it looked that Americans would overrun China’s North Korean clients. The Soviets helped every step of the way, with ‘Stalin’s falcons’ flying their Migs in combat.

At the same time, Corbyn’s typological American equivalents at the Institute for Pacific Relations, a transparent Soviet front, whipped up pro-communist propaganda at home. China was portrayed as a progressive force for good in Asia, whereas her enemies were Cold War jackals jeopardising peace in the world. Due to that combined effort, the best the US-led coalition could get out of the war was a draw.

It’s reassuring to see how faithfully today’s Chinese communists, along with Corbyn (born again Owen Lattimer, the Soviet spy at the head of the Institute for Pacific Relations), toe exactly the same propaganda line.

China, being a communist country, is by definition a seeker of peace. Communist countries, you understand, never attack anybody, they just defend themselves in a preemptive way. Whereas AUKUS, according to China’s foreign ministry, “seriously undermined regional peace and stability”.

The US, UK and Australia, threatened its spokesman, had better abandon their “outdated Cold War zero-sum mentality.” Otherwise they would “only end up shooting themselves in the foot”.

The original Cold War started immediately after the post-war euphoria of alliance was ended by Stalin’s aggressive stance. In 1946 Churchill made his famous Fulton speech, in which he used the term ‘Iron Curtain’, first coined in 1918 by the Russian philosopher Rozanov.

In 1947, Stalin’s army blockaded West Berlin, triggering the greatest airlift of humanitarian aid in history. The Cold War was under way, provoked by Russian communists and cheered on by an army of fellow travellers in the West.

Stalin’s Maoist allies, at that time merely vassals, immediately began to threaten Taiwan, where Chiang Kai-shek’s nationalists entrenched themselves after Mao’s victory. When I was a little child, all Soviet papers were gleefully publishing China’s incessant ‘final warnings’ to Taiwan.

Even at age four, I couldn’t quite understand what was going on. To me, there could be only one final warning, not one numbered 162. I don’t know if that sequence is still continuing, but there’s no doubt that China is gearing up for an invasion of Taiwan.

To that end, the Chinese have built one of the world’s biggest navies, including nuclear submarines that so excite Chairman Corbyn when Australia seems likely to get them. China’s fleet also includes over 200 landing craft, some of them giant ships able to carry swarms of soldiers across high seas.

One assumes that Chairman Corbyn believes that, unlike AUKUS, this vast force is there to “bring peace, justice and human rights to the world”. Whereas anyone who resists it is a Cold War monger daydreaming about a nuclear catastrophe.

The spirit of Munich combines in Corbyn’s lungs with Trotskyist miasma to produce a foul emission of enmity to the West in general and Britain in particular. Just to think that we came close to having that ghoul at 10 Downing Street (all in the name of Western democracy of course).

P.S. Speaking of communists, yesterday marked the 82d anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland. Thus Stalin entered WWII on Hitler’s side… pardon me, struck a blow for “peace, justice and human rights to the world”. 

4 thoughts on “Corbyn and Xi sing in unison”

  1. The West is venal enough to let the Chinese communists infiltrate its social, cultural, and political infrastructure. CUP some years ago, before worldwide academic outrage reversed their decision, deleted hundreds of its scholarly articles the CCP deemed too negative of China. Australian universities, profs, students critical of the CCP are routinely gagged, censored, penalized, etc.
    Xi and Co. successfully bribe (for now) Western insitutions and corporations to say what nice people Xi and the CCP are, and threaten to bar the former’s products from the most lucrative market in the world when Facebook, Google, journalists, Oxford, Harvard univ, news media, etc., don’t comply. Most are.
    Indeed, as you say, a disgusting tyranny and one of the most evil regimes to curse the world.

  2. The CCP strike me as an extremely shrewd and level headed bunch. A great deal less erratic than the Soviet chieftains (less alcohol consumption?) Why on earth would they attack Australia militarily?

  3. I know from watching Sky News Australia that the Chinese have been putting economic pressure on Australia (apparently there is too much anti-CCP rhetoric). With her slave labor, China should never have been allowed into the global economy!

    As for the anniversary of the invasion, our local Catholic parish bulletin (Pope John Paul II Polish Center) had a blurb about the invasion, stating that the Soviets were an ally of Germany and that the attack was made without a declaration of war as just another prong of the sustained German attack. It’s good to know that the truth has an outlet, however limited.

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