Crime without punishment

Over 5.3 million crimes were committed in Britain last year, which shows a healthy annual increase of 14 per cent – the biggest since 1990. Robbery, violent crimes and sex offences are doing even better, growing at 29, 20 and 23 per cent respectively.

You’ll find this hard to believe, but gun crime also went up by a fifth. Didn’t HMG do the right thing by banning handguns in 1997? Surely this ought to have put paid to gun crime once and for all. What do you know, before long some inveterate reactionaries may agree with the self-explanatory title of John Lott’s book More Guns, Less Crime.

I’d love to blame Brexit for this, and believe me I’ve tried. However, hard as I try to analyse the issue from every angle, I simply can’t figure out how the very possibility of reducing the importation of cultural aliens could boost crime.

Establishing a causative link between the number of such imports and crime presents an easier task. For example, the population of Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, is almost half Muslim – and the city boasts more murders than the rest of Scandinavia combined.

 And, as a life-long champion of multi-culti probity, it saddens me to observe that the parts of London with the greatest Muslim population have the most crime, although, credit where it’s due, Eastern Europeans work hard to make a meaningful contribution too.

But not to worry: help is on the way. Elect a Labour government, and our streets will become crime-free. Such is the solemn promise issued by shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, Corbyn’s former squeeze: “These statistics are an indictment of this Conservative Government’s policies. Labour will address this crisis and recruit 10,000 new police officers.”

True enough, the Tories have inexcusably cut some 20,000 policemen in England and Wales, bringing their total number down to 121,929 – the lowest for a generation. However, the Nazis managed to police occupied France with only 100,000 men – in spite of the supposedly widespread armed resistance. (Isn’t that why every French village has a Place de la Résistance?)

Much as I admire Miss Abbott’s God-given combination of brains, beauty and integrity, a simple increase in the number of officers isn’t going to do the trick. Neither will a drastic reduction in the number of immigrants achieve this purpose, although it’ll certainly help.

The problem is more complex than that, lending itself to neither simplistic explanations nor simplistic solutions. After all, a propensity to commit crimes is an ontological human condition, which it’ll remain until someone repeals Original Sin.

A healthy society starts out by mournfully acknowledging the sinful nature of man. This sounds fairly straightforward, but it certainly isn’t. Today’s Britain makes much better use of Rousseau’s postulate that man is perfect to begin with and is only ever made imperfect by civilisation.

From this it logically follows that, to put it in the language of defence counsel all around Britain, it’s all society’s fault. A poor chap slashes an old woman’s throat for her pension money because we’ve let him down, probably by giving him insufficient handouts. This collective culpability doesn’t wholly excuse the crime, but it certainly mitigates it.

And even after the first offence, we, society, fail to learn our lesson. That’s why half our prison population are habitual criminals, with an average of 15 convictions to their credit. And most of the rest aren’t really first-time offenders but first-time convicts – big difference.

For example, it takes something like 50 burglaries for the poor victim of society to see the inside of prison. The rest of the crimes are unpunished – and typically even uninvestigated.

Hence I agree with those who suffer cardiac haemorrhage at the sight of criminals going to prison, where paid sports channels aren’t always available. It’s indeed all society’s fault – well, most of it.

But it’s not the criminals who’ve been let down, but society itself. It’s our fault that so many crimes go uninvestigated or unpunished. That prison is seen as an educational facility, rather than a punitive one. That police are being transformed into social workers. That officers are prevented from doing their job by political correctness: PC hamstringing PCs.

And yes, there aren’t enough officers. But we could double their number without having the slightest effect on crime if the police are deprived of the tools of their trade. Or if they have little incentive to pursue criminals, rather than chaps who’ve had one lemonade too many.

Disarm 100,000 soldiers, and 100 chaps armed with machine guns will cut them to ribbons. And even if you don’t disarm the soldiers, they’ll still be routed if they aren’t allowed to use their weapons and are encouraged to doubt the validity or morality of their task.

Defence of the realm against foreign and domestic evildoers isn’t just the first task of any government but almost the only one. That’s what brought the state into existence and continues to legitimise it.

However, our spivocrats prefer to follow the road signposted by Rousseau, which is why they cut investment in both defence and law enforcement. They seem to believe – against every bit of available evidence – that creating a huge underclass dependent on the government for its livelihood will open paths to goodness. Original Sin has been replaced by Original Virtue.

Yet that’s not how society works because it’s not how man is. A culture of getting something for nothing produces a broadly shared disdain for the property, indeed lives, of others. The history of every country where welfarism has been tried on a massive scale proves this convincingly.

Back in the 1890s, at the height of the dog-eat-dog Industrial Revolution, people in the East End of London left their doors unlocked – crime was too rare to bother with locks and bolts. This though the welfare state was still half a century away.

Today, after some 70 years of socialism, Britons and their grateful guests are committing 5.3 million crimes a year, and London comfortably leads New York in every crime category, except murder (the gap is closing fast).

When Jeremy’s gorgeous ex claims that Labour will sort this problem out, anyone endowed with a logical mind must cringe. Socialism manifestly begets crime, so what effect will a party have that promises even more socialism?

Alas, the Tories are still the lesser evil. But make no mistake about it: evil they are.

2 thoughts on “Crime without punishment”

  1. “For example, it takes something like 50 burglaries for the poor victim of society to see the inside of prison. The rest of the crimes are unpunished – and typically even un-investigated.”

    That is counting only burglaries alone. Count all other crimes of whatever nature as committed and you a more crime per each incarceration.,

  2. It is so foolish of Western Nations to invite/allow vast numbers of ideologically different immigrants to settle into the population. This is especially so when many settlers hate Christians, despite the fact that Christianity was the key foundation to Europe’s greatness. To add to the stupidity, it is politically incorrect to identify those causing the trouble.
    For example, Melbourne has had a dramatic rise in youth gang violent crime that directly correlates to the embracing of refugees. I was discussing this matter with the person responsible for sending the report to the minister that attends to such civil disturbances. Her report was returned with the word “African”, “Somalian” and “Muslim” crossed out for it to be P.C.
    Following yet another attack in Melbourne the Somalian spokesman said, “Why are you blaming our kids, read the reports yourself, there is no mention of youth groups that have originated from Africans”. The Muslim groups stated similar. To further lead the attention elsewhere the government stated youth crime has actually dropped across the state of Victoria over the last few years. Yet anyone in Melbourne attempts to cross the road when they see certain groups approaching. Most people appear to know the reality yet are fed the propaganda, but won’t speak up.

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