The Crisis Behind Our Crisis

The Crisis Behind Our Crisis


    • Paperback: 332 pages
    • Publisher: St Matthew Publishing Ltd; First edition (1 Jan 2011)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1901546381
    • ISBN-13: 978-1901546385
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      ‘We have replaced religion with (at best) religionism, freedom with liberty, wisdom with cleverness, sentiment with sentimentality, justice with legalism, art with pickled animals, music with amplified noise, statecraft with politicking, love with sex, communication with sound bytes, self-confidence with effrontery, equality before God with levelling, respect for others with political correctness, dignity with amour propre – in short, everything real with virtual caricatures. We now live in a virtual world – so is it at all surprising that we live on virtual money?’

The Crisis Behind Our Crisis


    ‘In this brilliant book, Alexander Boot delves far deeper than anyone else into the origins of the current crisis – a crisis that, incidentally, he demonstrates is very far from being over. With implacable logic and a grasp of history far superior to that of other commentators, he show that the economic crisis is not merely economic, but spiritual.’ Dr Theodore Dalrymple.


    ‘We hear much talk of the world crisis. But those who define the crisis strictly in monetary or financial terms are only making the crisis deeper. For the crisis is metaphysical. When man abolishes God, the abolition of man will not be long delayed. Boot understands this thoroughly but he not only explains it clearly and with astonishing verve and wit, he sets out with poetic insight and prophetic authority the cure for our woes. His book is not just important: it is essential.’ The Rev. Dr Peter Mullen.