Dave and George should commit suicide

We don’t have a Bushido honour code, according to which a man who has let others down should disembowel himself. And if you’re thinking this wouldn’t be a bad idea in this instance, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

No, the suicide Dave and George should commit is only of the political kind. For, in a nation utterly corrupted by socialism, as preached and practised by all three parties, doing the right thing will bring any political career to an ignominious halt.

Britain, along with all other Western countries, has reached a critical mass of state dependency, and, just like in an atom bomb, a loud bang is inevitable. More than half of our population depend on the state for their livelihood, and closer to three quarters in the North and the Celtic fringe. This means that no sizeable cut in taxation and government spending is possible without a truly revolutionary upheaval of the whole economy. Which party happens to be in power doesn’t matter one jot.

When I talk about cuts, I don’t mean the phoney ‘austerity’ Dave and George are flogging to our comprehensively educated populace. In fact, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that the real aim of Shirley Williams’s reforms was to create a nation ready to lap up any mendacious nonsense peddled by the state.

Such, for example, as the government’s canard that a marginal slow-down in the growth of government spending constitutes a cut. In fact, our public debt as proportion of GDP (65.7 percent and climbing) is greater than it was under the utterly incompetent, not to say subversive, Labour government.

In July, overall government spending went up 5.1 percent and social-benefit payments rose 6.2 percent – truly, austerity ain’t what it’s cut out to be. At the same time the on-going recession, the worst in living memory, has pushed total tax receipts 0.8 percent down. Consequently, the Chancellor will have to borrow £30 billion more than planned. Seems like there’s no easing in quantitative easing.

We’re on a rollercoaster and, unless someone stops it, we can’t jump off without breaking our collective neck. Stopping it is precisely what any ministers acting in the nation’s interests would do – and what our ministers, acting in their own interests, will never even contemplate.

For the only way to treat the cancer of our economy is to remove – and I mean remove, not downsize or slow the growth of – the tumour of the welfare state. At the same time, the government’s take from the economy must be cut to 20-25 percent maximum. Everything else will follow.

The economy will suffer greatly for a couple of years and then a German-style economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder for short) will arise, phoenix from ashes. Tax rates will drop so low that payers won’t even have to cheat, while tax revenues will grow. People will be transformed from spongers to tax payers by going off welfare and into employment, with millions of jobs begging to be taken. We’ll need to have real, as opposed to comprehensive, education, for that’s what it takes to function in a modern economy. We’ll get rid of most red tape, acting like a garrotte over the country’s economic throat. Only immigrants who can improve our economy will be admitted. Crowds of government sinecures will be shut down, reducing expenditure and increasing the labour force in productive employment. Our EU membership will become unsustainable. Above all, the moral health of the nation will improve, as decades of serpentine corruption will be steadily reversed. People’s pride in themselves and their country will be revived.

This is what needs doing, and it can only be done in one fell swoop, not slowly, not gradually, not eventually. There are too many forces acting against economic, social and moral sanity. Given time, they’ll crush any true reform, restoring madness to its most raving.

Considering the corruption that has penetrated the nation’s pores, initially there will be hell to pay. Social unrest will be inevitable, and for a while Britain will look like a more southern land. This will have to be dealt with decisively, ruthlessly if need be. We must realise that the very existence of Britain as a sovereign country is threatened – as gravely and more irreversibly than during the Second World War. Given this situation, it’s conceivable that certain civil liberties will have to be put on hold, as they were during the war.

No British leader pushing his country through such a painful period will survive with his career intact. Even Churchill lost the first post-war election, and he could hardly be blamed for the Blitz. Adenauer and Erhard emerged as national heroes after doing that sort of thing in Germany, but the time and place were different then.

In other words, we need ministers willing to sacrifice their careers for the sake of the nation, to commit political suicide so the nation will live. We need a Churchill. We have Dave and George, with Tony or Boris waiting in the wings. You draw your own conclusions – and run for the hills.  









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