Enforced absence

When I said the other day that my pieces would be coming thick and fast, I was foolishly overconfident.

It turns out that, contrary to my misconception, regular writing requires a lot of energy, certainly more than I possess at the moment. So I have to take it easy.

Hence my pieces will be coming in a trickle, rather than a steady stream. But one such trickle will appear tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Enforced absence”

  1. I do hope that you are relaxing and enjoying watching Wimbledon! Have a nice glass of something refreshing with some strawberries and cream!

  2. Strengthen-up old man, we crave your intellectual rigor. By the way, was it a poisoned umbrella tip or an additive to your drink? And was it from Putin’s men, the Gay lobby, feminists, shonky architects, a postmodern artist performing a relevant happening, the Greens or a random Protestant that tried to get you?

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