Evil on the march

Evil, as personified by 150,000 anti-Western, anti-Semitic zealots, attacked decency yesterday. One of London’s best neighbourhoods was overrun, paying for its sin of housing the Israeli embassy.

Not many British flags are in evidence

Pro-Hamas fanatics led by Jeremy Corbyn staged an obscene show organised by various Muslim groups and our own Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, that KGB front of long standing.

Since Russia has been the only country to use radioactive weapons since 1945, when Putin’s agents poisoned Litvinenko with polonium in 2006, it wasn’t immediately obvious exactly what was the CND’s dog in the on-going fight. But all subversive causes and organisations are united.

For example, as the footballers ‘took the knee’ before a match the other day, the commentator said that was a gesture of protest against “inequality and social injustice”. I thought it was only racism that called for genuflection, but never mind the cause – feel the animus against the West.

As the Met tried in vain to disperse the largely Muslim crowd, missiles were thrown, and nine police officers were injured.

According to Jeremy Corbyn, under whose inspiring leadership the Labour Party no longer bothered to conceal its anti-Semitism, that was a way of showing “succour, comfort and support” for Hamas. Israel, which is being attacked with thousands of rockets aimed at the residential areas of its cities clearly doesn’t qualify for any such sympathy.

Boris Johnson called for both sides to “step back from the brink” and “show restraint”. That leaves me, for one, happy that his idol Churchill didn’t display the same even-handedness when Luftwaffe bombs rained on London the way Hamas rockets are raining on Tel Aviv.

The Met arrested 13 people in all, four of them for breaching the Health Protection Regulations. If the cops felt the kaffiyeh offered insufficient defence against Covid, they should have arrested Corbyn too who wasn’t wearing even such a flimsy barrier to the contagion.

As to the scaling of buildings, climbing on traffic lights and the gates of Kensington Palace, setting off fireworks and smoke bombs, and trying to smash the gate leading to Kensington Garden Road (aka Embassy Row), those peccadilloes were no grounds for arrest. They didn’t kill anyone, did they? So the demonstration was wholesomely peaceful.

Identical actions paralysed other cities in Britain and elsewhere. Since competence is laudable wherever it’s found, one must compliment the organisers for their skill at coordinating international mayhem. If only those Palestinian darlings displayed similar proficiency at creating a decent life for themselves, perhaps they wouldn’t stay so downtrodden for three generations.

As it is, while the Israelis have turned an arid desert into a blossoming garden, those eternal refugees are doing exactly the opposite on their side of the fence. Hatred of Jews is a time-honoured emotion, but it’s useless when it comes to any productive activity.

Meanwhile, Israeli bombardment brought down the office tower in Gaza that houses Al Jazeera and the AP news agency, among other media outlets.

According to a spokesman for the Israeli Defence Forces, “The building contained civilian media offices, which the Hamas terror organization hides behind and uses as human shields. The Hamas terror organisation deliberately places military targets at the heart of densely populated civilian areas in the Gaza Strip.”

The agencies affected outrage, saying that only sheer luck prevented fatalities among journalists. They neglected to mention that luck was augmented by the warning the IDF had issued an hour before the strike.

No such warnings come from Hamas whose rockets, fired from behind schools, hospitals, residential and office buildings, are killing, as they are supposed to, Israeli civilians.

Yet no international protests are heard, no one tries to storm the missions of Arab countries or the Palestinian representatives. And only an American veto has prevented the UN (as in UNwestern) from passing another anti-Israel resolution.

Still, I sympathise with our protesters, including Jeremy Corbyn. That’s why I think we should do everything we can to ease their passage to Gaza, where they can put their flaming conscience in the way of Israel’s fire.

P.S. At the end of yesterday’s FA Cup final, the victorious Leicester players unfurled a Palestinian flag. Take the cup away from them, I suggest, and tell them next time to stick to kicking footballs and, if they must, their opponents.

6 thoughts on “Evil on the march”

  1. Veneration of Arabs is a time honoured British tradition, I blame T E Lawrence.

    I wonder, how do Arab Israelis (Israeli Arabs?) feel about the ongoing drama? Are they mostly fifth columnists?

    Out of interest, have you ever been to Israel, Mr Boot?

    1. I’m afraid I haven’t. Every year we say we must go, only to go back to Italy or Spain (or mostly to out house in France). Israeli Arabs have had clashes with police over the past few days. Other than that, I don’t know much about them — only to know that they enjoy greater liberties than those living in Arab countries.

  2. I would suggest to ask those seditious A-holes on the field if they would prefer to get paid in Palestinian currency rather than the pound
    England, like most of Europe, has put the noose around its own neck by allowing its enemies in en masse.
    You say you like to travel every year to Italy and Spain, Mr Boot? Continue to do so, while they still remain for the time being Italy and Spain.

  3. “an obscene show organised by various Muslim groups and our own Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, that KGB front of long standing.”

    CND active again. Reactivated by SVR I might guess. The fellow travelers must have been giddy with joy when they got the command from SVR. Cry themselves silly with happiness.

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