Evil on the march

The video of a seven-year-old girl on a BLM march in Long Island has gone viral. Most comments aren’t just positive but gushing, including one by Halle Berry, whose beauty is only rivalled by her stupidity.

Justice and peace aren’t really supposed
to rhyme, dear

There she is, that poor child, marching with a feral scowl on her face, screaming “No justeece, no peace!!!”, her tiny fists punching the air in a Black Power salute: https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/little-girl-walking-in-black-lives-matter-march-merrick-6443894/

And no commentator seems to see the evil of it all.

No, it’s not the little girl who is evil – she isn’t a free agent responsible for her actions and hence can’t be judged on strict moral criteria. It’s the grown-ups, those who brainwashed the child and dragged her into an active support of a political cause.

What kind of cause doesn’t really matter. It may be good, bad or indifferent. However, it forfeits its right to being judged good or even indifferent by conscripting children and destroying their childhood.

Those BLM chaps do start them early, which is a time-honoured tradition of all totalitarians. Yet even Khmer Rouge, ISIS and China with her Red Guards waited until children reached a mature age of 10 or so before sending them on a rampage.

I also like the slogan put into the child’s mouth; it has the benefit of forthrightness. ‘No peace’ can be legitimately taken to mean ‘war’, as in a declaration thereof.

I don’t know whether the New York State authorities are mobilising their forces to join the hostilities, but HMG is ready to surrender before the shots have even been fired.

Boris Johnson announced that “there is much more that we can do” to tackle racism, thereby conceding the point that racism exists, of a kind that would be vulnerable to administrative fiat or legislative action.

One thing we can apparently do is review all 950 commemorative plaques in London for their “problematic connotations”. The current problematic connotations are associated with plaques for Daniel Defoe, Field-Marshal Montgomery and even poor  Arthur Schopenhauer.

This opens a can of proverbial worms: we can argue about which plaques are problematic and which aren’t until the looters come home and still not agree. Therefore I propose a more radical solution.

We should do a Fukuyama and declare that history has ended, the dial has been reset. Since the British Empire was colonialist, racist and criminal, anyone alive at the time was at least indirectly complicit in its crimes.

Therefore all 950 plaques ought to be removed and replaced with those devoid of any problematic connotations whatsoever. Such as BLM marchers, LGTBQIA2S+ activists and rap performers.

As for the little No Justeece girl, she deserves not just a plaque, but a statue. That column in Trafalgar Square, soon to be vacated, looks like a perfect plinth.

3 thoughts on “Evil on the march”

  1. “there is much more that we can do”

    Please Boris. You are never going to be able to satisfy the agitators no matter how much you do. Now when they see the authorities are on the run it will never stop. We have just begun Karen Carpenter. And all for the worse too.

  2. “There she is, that poor child, marching with a feral scowl on her face”

    I think in Nazi Germany they called them Hitler Cubs.

  3. One wonders, if BLM gets its Hitler, how easy he (or she) would sweep into power? Probably easier than in ’33. The utter cravenness and lickspittling of our western leaders (and these in the bastions of long traditional law and order societies) before communist fascist thugs in the past few weeks makes Munich seem like a dogfight. It defies belief. Right now China and Russia must be licking their chops.
    Reading at the moment that masterly post-mortem of western culture for the third time in 12 years, How The West Was Lost, by a certain Alexander Boot, these events are not shocking to me.

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