Free speech, EU-style

gagFree press is the scourge of any totalitarian regime. Either one or the other can survive, never both.

Though not yet fully fledged, the EU is like any other totalitarian regime. That’s why it squirms whenever it sees in print anything contrary to its political ends.

Back in 2001 the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU can lawfully suppress political criticism. The Commission, said the court, was within its rights to punish those who “damaged the institution’s image and reputation”.

Fair enough, that institution is perfectly capable of damaging its image and reputation on its own, with no outside help necessary, thank you very much.

This it has proved yet again by demanding that HMG issue a gagging order on journalists reporting Muslim terrorist acts. The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) doesn’t object to reports on terrorism as such, provided its Islamic provenance isn’t specified.

God forbid people may make a connection between mass murder and mass Muslim immigration, fostered by the EU’s open-door policy.

Yes, some unidentified persons may strap explosives to their bodies and detonate them on public transport, or else spray crowds with AK bullets. As long as the murderers remain unidentified, ECRI will graciously allow journalists to report the incidents.

It’ll even let them mention the murderer’s name, provided it’s Abe Baker, rather than Abu Bakr, and the accompanying battle cry was ‘Allo rather than Allah.

Come on, chaps, we’re trying to forget that the idea for an EU came out of the wartime meeting of minds between Vichy and Nazi bureaucrats. Do you have to remind us of the fundamentally fascist nature of this wicked contrivance?

In a free country, there’s only one reason to gag a reporter: divulging classified information. But surely there’s nothing secret about the amply documented fact that the number of terrorist acts is directly proportionate to the number of Muslims?

So why should we knock out the cornerstone of British polity? Funny you should ask, says ECRI Chairman Christian Ahlund: “It is no coincidence that racist violence is on the rise in the UK at the same time as we see worrying examples of intolerance and hate speech in the newspapers, online and even among politicians.”

Allow me to translate from EU into human: a report stating that the suicide bomber screamed ‘Allahu akbar!’ qualifies as hate speech. Using the term in its traditional meaning, I’d say that British papers and politicians are remarkably tolerant, even of intolerable acts.

It’s not in Britain but in the countries that were home to Vichy and Nazi bureaucrats that racial hatred is on the rise. It’s not the British but French National Front that’s threatening to form the next government. It’s not in Britain but in Germany that the neo-Nazis are gaining legislature seats all over the country.

Today’s heirs to those founding bureaucrats fear not anti-Muslim but anti-EU sentiments, especially those caused by the criminal policies of the EU itself. If Europeans were too stupid to connect deliberately uncontrolled immigration with terrorism, the EU wouldn’t mind if Muslims were attacked in every European street.

But brainwashing can’t make people brain-dead, especially if they have eyes to see and ears to hear. Hard as the federasts try, they are blamed for the mass murder and rape perpetrated by new arrivals and Muslims already ensconced in Europe. Add to this the economic catastrophe descending on the continent, and EU bureaucrats begin to feel the cold wind of unemployment on their backs.

We must realise that, like any other aspiring totalitarian regime, the EU cares only about its own survival and power. Like any other totalitarian regime, it’s not about its subjects’ safety and prosperity. Its sole purpose is achieving its political objectives.

This is the altar at which eurocrats worship, and they’ll sacrifice anything at it, including safety and prosperity. It’s in this context that the obscene threats issued to Britain by Merkel and Hollande must be understood.

By voting for Brexit Britain acted like a naughty schoolboy badly in need of caning. This is threatened in the shape of various economic sanctions, such as barring Britain from free trade with the EU.

Philosophically speaking, anything that’s modified by the word ‘free’, be it ‘speech’ or ‘trade’, is anathema to the EU. The only exception is ‘free movement of people’, meaning more Muslim immigration above anything else.

Practically speaking, any punitive measures will punish the EU more than Britain, but the heirs to Vichy don’t mind cutting off their economic noses – as long as they can spite Britain’s face.

Pour encourager les autres, Britain must be punished for remembering it used to be a free country. “If not,” says François Hollande, who desperately wants to do to Britain what he has already done to France, “we would jeopardise the fundamental principles of the EU”, meaning that other EU countries might be tempted to leave too.

They are already tempted, François, and gagging the press will only make the temptation stronger. The EU is on its way out, and one only hopes there’s enough spunk left in the Europeans to prevent it from banging the door too hard.

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  1. You can tell from the Australian news sites that their readers also have to play the game (insensitive word) of ‘who dunnit’. If a crime is reported, no reference must be made as to demographic group of the victim, the victim’s family or of the person ‘helping the police with their enquiries’. This harmless charade is kept up for as long as possible, until a case is brought to court. I suppose it serves to prevent the suggestion of guilt by association, but the requirement that the accused appears in court (even by video link) defeats (for the present) any attempt by the authorities to avoid guilt by association as well.

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