“Freedom of movement is non-negotiable”

AngelaMerkelAngela Merkel is prepared to die defending EU freedom of movement. Or rather she’s prepared to have many others die for it.

That stands to reason: the times are long gone when chieftains defended their tribe’s freedom in a joust with their counterparts. Today’s wartime chieftains specify non-negotiable freedoms and then let others die for them.

Also they refuse to acknowledge there’s a war under way. Hence their tendency to ascribe multiple casualties to a fit of madness suffered by some downtrodden loner acting on his own. They persevere until irrefutable evidence has come up, as it always does, that the loner wasn’t quite lonely in preparing his foray.

But then we can’t expect our leaders to be seers, a power I proudly possess. The moment I heard that someone had shot up a Munich shopping mall, killing nine and wounding 16, I went into my psychic mode.

I closed my eyes, looked at the picture of the carnage with my mind’s eye, and an image flashed through my mind: the murderer was a Muslim, who screamed ‘Allahu Akbar!’. Don’t ask me to explain this: seers never know how they acquire or activate their magic powers. It just happens.

Then reports came in, confirming the acuity of my inner vision. Ali Sonboly was indeed a Muslim. He was a member of the huddled masses yearning to get German jobs or at a pinch benefits – and then murder Germans, or at a pinch other Europeans, in the name of Allah.

His victims, most of them children lured into a McDonald’s by Ali’s promise of free burgers, died to uphold that essential human freedom of moving from one country to another without bothering with the formalities of acquiring proper travel documents.

Some warriors for Allah may actually have such documents, indeed possess them by birthright. But that doesn’t matter: even if born in the country in which they do murder, they still see themselves (although aren’t seen by others) as enemy aliens. Their loyalties are pledged to a cult whose exponents have been killing Europeans for 1,400 years, so they have a fine tradition to uphold.

My seeing powers demonstrably in working order, I exercised them again to turn into a soothsayer. I knew in advance that the hacks covering this skirmish in the war for Allah would claim that Ali probably acted alone.

That was the first reaction of those reporting on the recent mass murder in Nice: the initial accounts stated that Mohamed Bouhlel, who had massacred 84 people with a 20-tonne lorry, had acted alone. The reports were reluctantly modified several days later, when five accomplices were arrested.

For your benefit I’m prepared to strain my mind’s eye yet again, if you kindly wait a second. There… I’ve got it: Ali didn’t act alone. For a start, he had to have help to obtain his loaded gun and at least one spare magazine.

In Germany it’s impossible for an 18-year-old to do so legally. Anyone under 25 must first pass a psychological test and then wait for a year to get his gun license. Moreover he must produce a valid reason for wishing to own a gun, and the urge to shoot children doesn’t quite qualify.

Therefore Ali acquired his weapon illegally and, psychic that I am, I can’t see a Muslim-looking boy speaking with a heavy foreign accent just going to a Bierhalle and asking the Bavarian barman where he could tool up.

What I do see is Ali getting the gun from… wait another second… oh yes… here, it has come to me. He got it from another Muslim, one in touch with an underground network providing weapons and explosives for devout chaps with suicidal tendencies.

This network is part of an international criminal syndicate called Islam. That’s why one doesn’t have to be endowed with my psychic powers to know instantly that it’s Muslims who are responsible for any mass murder committed – or to be committed – anywhere in Europe.

One wonders if Frau Merkel and other federasts have a cut-off point in their minds for the number of casualties they’re prepared to take in the war they refuse to fight or indeed to acknowledge. Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

Or possibly hundreds of thousands, if those freely moving Muslims graduate from guns, lorries and axes to a nuclear, chemical or biological capability?

I’ve said it a thousand times if I’ve said it once: peacetime niceties never apply at wartime, and we are at war. Not with Islamists but with Islam. Not with Islamofascists but with Islam. Not with ISIS but with Islam.

Ideological refusal to acknowledge this and act accordingly, coupled with an equally ideological commitment to the idiocy of free movement or indeed of the EU as such, makes Merkel, likeminded federasts and bien pensant cretins of other ideological hues accomplices in mass murder.

The blood of those Munich children isn’t only on Ali’s hands. It’s also on yours, ladies and gentlemen – and you’ll never wash it off until you change your criminally irresponsible tune.

4 thoughts on ““Freedom of movement is non-negotiable””

  1. My guess is that the “cut off point” would be in the thousands. Merkel probably has a series of contingency measures (extra policing, erosion of civil liberties, legal recognition of middle-eastern cultural norms, etc.) to be deployed as the body-count climbs higher. Some things we can be sure of, though: she will not be admitting that she has done wrong, nor will she be apologising.

    Poor Germany. A terrible end for a mighty beacon of European culture.

  2. But none of those running to succeed David Cameron have said how they will negotiate this relaxation of the EU’s four freedoms in the face of such vocal opposition from the 27 other EU member states.

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