German government says incest is best

Little girls are so touching, don’t you think? That’s why their father should touch them, recommends a subsidiary of Germany’s Ministry for Family Affairs.

The rather bossy recommendation comes in its two 40-page brochures entitled Love, Body and Playing Doctor, the first one talking about children from 1 to 3, the second about those from 4 to 6.

The kind of touching this august body has in mind would have landed Daddy in the pokey anywhere in the West not so long ago, and in some places it still would.

For what’s meant here isn’t just a hug or a pat on the head, accompanied by the lapidary if rhetorical question “So who’s Daddy’s gorgeous little girl then?”

“Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters,” laments the 1 to 3 booklet. “Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions, while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex.”

Such neglect is so bereft of reciprocity that it’s plain wrong, continues the Ministry: “The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.” Fair is fair, and never mind the grammar.

It has been a long time since I was a tot, or indeed the father of one. But, if memory still serves, back in the old days mutual masturbation wasn’t seen, or recommended by governments, as an essential part of paternal care for infants.

Morally, that sort of thing was regarded as degeneracy; technically, as incest; legally, as a crime. It was generally believed that an infant girl’s development would be better served by Daddy ‘devoting attention’ not to her clitoris but to another organ: her brain.

Let’s just ponder the tectonic social, moral and cultural shift that has had to occur for the government of a Western country to have come up with such a swinish call to incest, delivered with a typically German attention to detail.

For this criminal act isn’t an isolated event. It’s Zeitgeist, as those Family Affairs degenerates would call it.

To wit, 11-year-olds in Borken, Germany, were last year ordered in class to draw the cross-sections of male and female genitalia.

Apparently, however, children in that sleepy town hadn’t yet acquired the sophistication we expect from our little ones. This they proved when two impressionable tots fainted, while some others hyperventilated. All in all, 10 children were taken to hospital.

In France the parents of a little girl were fined a hefty amount. Their crime? They failed to bring their daughter up properly. The little one rushed out of the classroom when shown an “educational” (pornographic) film about coitus. Such squeamishness was treated as culpable absenteeism.

In Switzerland parents demonstrated against their four-year-olds receiving graphic tuition in the facts of life. As part of that valuable education, the precocious kiddies were taught “how it is, when one doesn’t know exactly whether one is male or female. They can then consciously choose their sexuality, just as they do with religion.”

But, though they may choose their sexuality, they don’t choose their religion, or rather they choose none. That is the whole problem, the impelling force behind the shift. For religion isn’t all about what people do on a Friday night or Sunday morning. It’s also about the way man defines himself.

If a father sees himself as the creature God made in His image and likeness, then he’ll raise his daughter to be proud of her humanity, not her vagina.

He’d try to instil in her certain eternal truths that can be best absorbed in a state of innocence, the longer-lasting the better. He’d try to teach the little girl that life has a profound meaning, and her genitals aren’t the place where it can be found.

If, however, a man believes that, when he dies, he turns to fertiliser and that’s it, then life to him can have no meaning – or rather the process of life becomes its own meaning.

Deriving as much pleasure out of every moment from the earliest possible age becomes the ultimate desideratum. In fact, the very definition of pleasure has to be pushed downwards, ideally all the way down to the crotch.

So why wait until the girl grows up and, God forbid, marries, reactionary as such a possibility may sound? Why waste the valuable years between 1 and 3, when she can receive hands-on tuition in what her clitoris is for? No reason at all.

Such is the ledger sheet of our much-vaunted progress, ladies and gentlemen. On the credit side, children operating computers with nothing short of wiz-kid dexterity. On the debit side, fathers encouraged to masturbate their one-year-old daughters.

When you try to calculate the balance, keep in mind that, devoid of their moral character, those same children may well grow up to use their computer skills for all kinds of nefarious purposes. Such as launching ICBMs.







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