I fear Biden more than Covid

“Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul…,” quotes St Matthew, and I happily comply.

What’s next, Joe?

Covid is a mass killer of bodies, but it can’t slay the soul of our civilisation, what little is left of it. Yet a feebleminded US president with woke instincts functioning in lieu of his brain can go Covid one better.

If a strong America makes enemies of the West run scared, a weak America has the same effect on its friends. And they have every reason to be afraid.

The Internet is abuzz with videos making viewers first laugh and then, after some deliberation, cry. But I’m not going to cite any visible and audible signs of Biden’s incipient dementia, his numerous gaffes and slips. Just look at Biden’s actions, not his incoherent speeches or pathetic pratfalls.

When an intellect is weak to begin with and further impaired by some mental disorder, the man can still function on instincts alone. And Biden’s are all woke and therefore subversive.

On Wednesday, he tried to lean on Netanyahu to “deescalate” Israel’s self-defence against Hamas terrorism by end of play. No similar pressure was applied on the terrorists, and not just because they tend to be rather truculent.

Biden’s woke instincts make him reach out tropistically for any anti-Western cause, especially if championed by those he sees as the downtrodden masses of the Third World. Israel is America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East, but she isn’t Biden’s ally, not emotionally at any rate.

Also, though I haven’t come across any visible signs of anti-Semitism in his pronouncements (other than the odd slip of the tongue, such as referring to bankers as ‘Shylocks’), I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden harboured such sentiments. They are part and parcel of his kind of worldview, certainly among woke gentiles.

One way or the other, Biden has been busily overturning Trump’s pro-Israeli policies. Thus he has reinstated financial aid to the Palestinians (meaning Hamas) that Trump cut off. And, more dangerous, Biden has renewed the nuclear deal with Iran that Trump shelved.

This effectively clears the path for the ayatollahs to acquire nuclear arms, and you get no prizes for guessing which country they’ll first threaten with such weapons. The Israelis, who to a great extent depend on America’s support for their survival, have every reason to be afraid.

And not just the Israelis. America’s allies in Eastern Europe, especially the Ukraine, also feel betrayed. Biden’s administration has announced it will waive sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, the German company overseeing the construction of Russia’s gas pipeline bypassing the Ukraine.

The company’s CEO is Matthias Warnig, a career Stasi officer and Putin’s loyal poodle, who sits on the boards of several Russian oil companies. When completed, Nord Stream 2 will further increase Europe’s dependence on Russia’s gas, thereby strengthening Putin’s hold on power and hence his capacity to escalate his hybrid war on the West.

While busily undermining America’s allies strategically, Biden has also pushed the button on the delayed-action inflationary bomb ticking away under their economies.

In his memoirs Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, recalls a lecture by Prof. Arthur Burns of Columbia University: “Burns… went around the room asking, ‘What causes inflation?’ None of us could give him an answer. Prof. Burns… declared, ‘Excess government spending causes inflation!’ ”

Put a different way, governments with socialist leanings cause inflation because they can’t control their rapacious spending instincts. It doesn’t take an economics professor to know that Biden’s plans to spend over $6 trillion are likely to tip inflation over the edge.

Nor is this just a theory either. In April, the US rate of inflation jumped from 2.6 per cent to 4.2 per cent, the highest level since the 2008 crisis. And, partly because world economies are pegged to the dollar, our inflation rate has also doubled.

Since most Western governments haven’t paid their way since God was young, that bomb was already primed when Biden took over. But his socialist instincts may well hasten an explosion.

The blast would be devastating on many different levels. Savers and mortgage holders would be hit hard, with shards of bankruptcies and foreclosures flying in every direction. Companies and entrepreneurs seeking financing may find they can’t afford it. And countries with high sovereign debts, such as the US and Britain, will find it impossible to service them. I don’t want to come across as a doomsayer, but we all know what happens when governments default on their loans.

Every time Biden opens his mouth or announces a new policy, I feel like echoing that 1920s American journalist and shouting: “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”. But it usually is, and I grow more and more scared.

6 thoughts on “I fear Biden more than Covid”

  1. The Orange Man is looking mighty appealing right now.

    I wonder if there’s anyway Britain can distance herself from the US, there ought to be an isolationist stream in British, or rather English, politics.

    1. I haven’t encountered it. For example, UKIP people tend to pro-American (and Nigel Farage sycophantically so). I don’t think Britain’s history of being a global trading empire encourages isolationism.

  2. “a feebleminded US president with woke instincts functioning in lieu of his brain”

    And the question can be reasonably asked: “did the movers and shakers in the Democratic party elite enlist Joe knowing full well that his mind is now and has been in decline.” Were they aware?

    1. The progressive Bernie Sanders was rolling in the primaries when suddenly an endorsement from an African-American congressman from South Carolina changed the game….somehow. Backroom dealings certainly took place.

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