If elections were held today…

…Britain would get her first Marxist government ever.

The face of things to come

Now Churchill suggested “that the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

Agreed. But those who lack Churchill’s perspicacity may need further persuasion, and today’s polls provide it with room to spare: Labour is nine points ahead. Projected over a general election, such results will have Corbyn forming a government.

That means that the respondents looked at Labour’s proposed policies and quite liked what they saw. They didn’t see what ought to be instantly obvious even to an averagely bright child: if delivered, Labour’s promises would drop Britain into an abyss for generations and possibly for ever.

Only two groups would contest this gloomy forecast: fools and knaves.

The second category includes the parliamentary Labour party and its activists, who openly want to destroy Britain as she now is and remake her in Venezuela’s image. These people are simply evil, and it’s impossible to describe them accurately without invoking this old-fashioned concept.

The first category seems to include the bulk of the electorate, afflicted as it is by a pandemic of mass idiocy. The contagion of this deadly disease has been spread consciously and systematically by half a century of comprehensive non-education backed up by the like-minded mass media, which is to say by the mass media.

Reason, in the name of which modernity was inaugurated, has been replaced by Pavlovian reflexes. Rather than trying to think proposed policies through, people react by instinct. Never mind the ideas, feel the slogans activating the mechanisms of irrational response.

They hear those admirers of Trotsky, Maduro and other murderers promise “a better, fairer Britain for the many, not the few” and salivate on cue.

Then of course who wouldn’t? I myself quite like the idea and certainly prefer it to its opposite, a worse, less fair Britain for the chosen few. But, unlike those respondents, I don’t stop there.

I actually look at Labour’s ideas and realise they won’t deliver a better Britain. They’ll deliver an impoverished, isolated, disarmed, tyrannised country inundated with an influx of aliens, shunned by all its traditional allies and bossed by communist apparatchiks, the only few who’d be better off.

The economic tsunami unleashed by Labour won’t just have dire economic consequences. For, as any decent political scientist will tell you, secure private property is the bedrock of liberty. A deficit in one produces a diminution of the other.

Yet property under Labour will be at the mercy of ghouls driven by hatred and envy. Such animus is directed at anyone who has had the temerity to use his mind, hard work and – God forbid – enterprise to acquire a modicum of independence from the state’s tender mercies.

For example, one of many, Labour promises to nationalise all utility companies, forcing their owners to sell at 20p to the pound. Yet the word ‘nationalisation’ doesn’t produce an automatic negative reaction in our thoroughly brainwashed population. So let me replace it with its full synonyms: plunder, robbery, theft – take your pick.

For these companies are publicly owned by their shareholders. Clearly, Corbyn and his gang regard anyone who owns securities as their enemies to be squashed. But if asked how they feel about pensioners, they’d probably claim undying love.

However, most great pension funds are heavily invested in utilities, meaning that pensioners will feel not just the pinch but strangulation.

At the same time, taxes will instantly go up, both on individuals and those businesses that keep individuals in work and, typically, pension funds. How do our dumbed-down voters think companies will respond to a government enacting confiscatory policies?

The answer is, they don’t think. If they did, they’d know that major employers, both foreign and domestic, will follow Dyson and flee as fast as their legs will carry them, closely followed by Jews, rich people and many of those Corbyn regards as rich.

The outflow of capital is already estimated at a trillion pounds, which will turn the country with Europe’s best employment record into one with the worst unemployment (although some EU members will contest this honour).

Actually, that process has already started: the mere threat of a Marxist government has already driven many companies – and the jobs they provided – out of Britain. Imagine the exodus triggered by the actual sight of Corbyn moving his bust of Trotsky into 10 Downing Street.

Not only will the existing new companies leave, but few new businesses will be started. Who will risk money knowing that any gains will be insecure?

Public debt will spin out of control, turning from Tory-exorbitant into Labour-suicidal. Just as tax rates go up, tax revenue will come down because the tax base will be shrinking faster than you can say expropriation.

Draconian laws will be required to keep the population in check. I’m sure that the export of capital will be stopped by despotic laws, and even private individuals won’t be allowed to take more than a few hundred pounds out of the country – and eventually out of the bank.

And of course inflation will spin out of control, as it always does in the face of runaway state spending. Just look at Venezuela, Corbyn’s role model.

Those who think that a Venezuela can’t happen in Britain should look at the history of every country acting as a guinea pig for Marxist experiments. What would happen if communists conquered the Sahara desert? asked an old joke. The answer is, at first nothing – then a severe shortage of sand.

Those who intend to vote Labour explain their decision by the inadequacy of the Tory government. It’s inept, led by nonentities, muddled, indecisive, refusing to abide by the popular vote on Brexit and so on.

All perfectly true and then some, every word of it. But elections aren’t a search for absolute good. They are a relativist exercise in preventing the greater evil.

Voting against a party only makes sense if a realistic hope exists that the other party will do better or at least won’t do much worse. Anyone who feels that such a scenario describes today’s Labour is either an evil saboteur or a blithering idiot.

And I’m optimistic enough to believe that most British voters aren’t evil saboteurs. 

6 thoughts on “If elections were held today…”

  1. What the left is superior to over the right is propaganda, and as you say the dumbed down electorate swallow it whole sale. I see it here in Oz and I saw it in Sweden with socialist running the country for forty straight years. Question though is how to undumb the electorate? I am not hopeful.

  2. Before we decide the question of who governs the UK, we will probably be faced with the European elections. Both parties need to be hammered into the ground, and the Lib Dems additionally need the ground to be sown with salt.

    Thereafter, we can hope that the shock helps to re-form a credible Conservative and democratic party which can form an effective government.

    I urge Brits to vote for The Brexit Party in the European elections, and then to apply reason and discernment to what arises from the wreckage.

  3. Do not succumb to the elitist remainders’ delusion that people are dumb who do not vote in the way that you do. However, it is concerning that there is very little effort to expose the Corbyn plotters for what they are. The Marquis of Wapping has failed in this regard because he is unbelievable for other reasons. Most other yappers (BBC QT anyone?) on either side of the lab-con divide appear to avoid any mention the Marxist elephant in the labour party. Soon, Corbyn’s opponents within his party will be expelled or dis-endorsed. They are mainly remainders but could form an alternative party to split the vote and give Boris a free run if he gets the tory leadership (this is scary for the tory remainders who will do their best to stop him).

  4. Take some heart in the election results here in Oz , as the voters defied the media consensus of a Labor victory and sent Bull Shitten to the dustbin of history . His policies mirrored Corbyn’s and with a cabal (not cabinet) of rabid lefty feminazi’s hitched to his renewable electric wagon, he smugly assumed his destiny was to turn Australia into his ideological project. That said, the current conservative govt. is left of the labor govt. of the 80’s / 90’s under just deceased Bob Hawke . Still we take the small wins where we can. What a Hobson’s choice the UK has ahead of it !

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