Kill a Jew for a visa

Europe’s burning desire to uphold human rights isn’t to be doubted

Rank Islamophobes like to point out the rather understated contribution made by the Muslims to science in the past six centuries or so.

By way of illustration they mention that Trinity College, Cambridge, has produced 33 winners of the Nobel Prize for sciences, while the entire Islamic world has managed just three.

On that flimsy basis they reach the kind of conclusions that a champion of diversity like me can’t repeat in public, even for the purpose of debunking them indignantly and in no uncertain terms.

What those troglodytes don’t realise is that Muslim ingenuity isn’t dead. It has merely been rechanneled into other conduits.

Witness Feras, an illegal Palestinian alien and a convicted criminal in Sweden, tragically denied asylum to which he was entitled.

Deportation beckoned, but Feras warded it off, displaying the kind of mental acuity that, if applied to science, would give him a lock on the Nobels for years to come.

In December last year, Feras, in company with 15 other exponents of the religion of peace, set fire to the synagogue in Gothenburg. Even though no one died, that gesture suggested some animosity towards Jews, which, at a guess, was precisely the point Feras wished to make.

His legal team could now argue that deporting Feras back to Gaza would expose him to some retributive justice meted out by the dastardly Israelis. Hence deportation would violate his human rights, and that simply wouldn’t do.

I’m not going to bring this case to the attention of the Nobel Prize Committee, for it would be naïve to hope they’d recognise the seminal contribution Feras has made to Sweden’s social landscape.

But surely some accolade is in order, for Feras lit up a legal path soon likely to be followed by those of his co-religionists whose right to stay in Sweden or other European countries may be open to doubt.

Torch a synagogue, ideally killing a Jew or two, and deportation orders will be consumed in the same fire. The assailant will get a leave to stay faster than you can say “violation of human rights by Israeli colonialists”.

He may face a prison sentence (Feras got two years for his Herostratus job), but the tariff will be generous. More important, once released he probably won’t be deported.

A 2017 report shows that 75 per cent of those sentenced to prison and subsequent deportation were allowed to stay in Sweden, that eternal paragon of liberal virtue. In the past year that proportion has grown to 90 per cent, which highlights the value of Feras’s pioneering effort.

It must be stressed that not any old crime can have such a liberating effect, certainly not on any perpetrator. Attacking Jews only works for Muslims from ‘Palestine’ or Israel itself, and this is the most promising avenue.

Otherwise, killing a Shia Muslim is good for a Sunni from an originally Sunni country now under Shia control (a reference to an actual case). But Jews are always a safe bet.

As a life-long champion of multi-culti diversity, I’m deeply chagrined to notice the evident link between the level of anti-Semitic attacks in a country and the proportion of Muslims in its population. France, for example, outdoes Britain two to one in both categories, and so does Belgium.

To be fair, not all crimes committed by Muslims target Jews. That would be too discriminatory for words, and Islam is a broad church (as it were).

Thus we learn that Muslim refugees commit 250,000 crimes a year in Germany. In Oslo, immigrants, mainly Muslims, are involved in two out of three rapes. In Copenhagen, in three out of four. In Sweden, in 85 per cent. And Malmö, a city of 350,000 souls of whom 40 per cent are Muslims, boasts more murders than the rest of Scandinavia combined.

All this is rather unfortunate, but mercifully such data in no way compromise Europe’s unwavering dedication to liberal values for all, especially Muslims if not necessarily Jews. That’s how it should be: numbers must never be allowed to affect the core principles.

Thus the illiberal Nazi precursors of the EU stuck to their guns and gas chambers to the bitter end, which steadfast fortitude was then passed on to their liberal successors.

It seems as if in both instances the Jews were destined to bear the initial brunt of ideological commitment, although the shockwaves spreading out from this epicentre eventually tend to hit millions of those boasting a more fortunate nativity.

This in no way diminishes my admiration for Feras, an innovative trailblazer in an otherwise rather humdrum country. Who says Muslim migrants make no contribution to their new homes? Certainly not me.

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  1. “In Oslo, immigrants, mainly Muslims, are involved in two out of three rapes”

    In Norway they differentiate between stranger rape and acquaintance rape. The former in one year 100 % of the rapes by a foreigner or a person not of Norwegian ethnicity.

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