Lost: 1.1 million migrants

No one would probably recoil in shock at the news that our government lies to us. It’s a modern, post-Christian government, isn’t it? Of course it is. So it lies.

Thieves steal, muggers mug, burglars burgle, our governing spivs lie. Truth has no independent value for them, lies no stigma. Whatever works at the moment.

At the moment Dave is trying to ‘negotiate’ with the EU. That’s his word for begging that wicked setup for some token concessions, no matter how meaningless, that will enable him to trick the people into voting to stay in the EU.

Even before such crumbs have been swept off the EU’s table into Dave’s gaping mouth, he’s already announcing triumphantly that “a pathway to a deal” has been found. We all know what this pathway is paved with: lies.

One such lie involves the scale of immigration from the EU, something about which few Brits are happy.

Enough immigration to sustain a few restaurants serving flavoursome food, fine, we can live with that. Cheaper plumbers, scaffolders and builders – perhaps, although one sometimes wonders if there’s a single plumber left in Poland.

But so much immigration that Britain no longer looks or feels British, that our infrastructure begins to creak at the seams, that it now takes a fortnight to see a GP (which is fine, if you don’t happen to be bleeding too fast), that the crime rate is climbing? The natives may become increasingly restless.

That bothersome state just may lead to the kind of referendum results that will frustrate Dave’s ambition for having a political job for life, for rising majestically above the quotidian national concerns, for telling the next British prime minister what to do from the height of Dave’s Brussels perch.

Hence the problem of excessive immigration must be handled. Or rather the impression to that effect must be created and maintained until the day after the referendum. How does one go about it? If one is Dave, one lies.

Comparing the number of EU immigrants claimed by the government with the number of National Insurance numbers issued to that group, we discover that the latter number is 1.1 million higher than the former. The actual number is 1.9 million over the last four years. The claimed number is 751,000. The difference between the two is the size of the lie.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs responded to a direct Freedom of Information request by tacitly acknowledging that what we’re dealing with is indeed a deliberate lie, not an honest error:

“HMRC continues to believe that releasing information in the form requested would, at this stage, be unhelpful to the negotiation process.”

Allow me to translate: this means that, should the truth be known, Dave might have to stop impersonating a dog standing at its hind legs at its master’s dinner table, begging for some leftovers.

He just might have to act, in however a meek and transient manner, as Her Majesty’s Prime Minister, not the EU gauleiter. Lying through his teeth – or through his agencies – is much easier, especially since it comes naturally.

Truth of any kind is always ‘unhelpful’ to modern democracies, for they deal in perceptions not facts, in virtual rather than actual reality. The scale of immigration is only the most recent example of how much more helpful lying is to them.

Everywhere you look, the fog of virtual reality is being released out of various governmental orifices… sorry, I mean offices.

Our economy, teetering at the edge of a disaster created by promiscuous government spending and borrowing, is being portrayed as prosperous. Our cosmically stupid foreign policy, mainly in the capacity of America’s poodle, is portrayed as sage. Our social policy, not just destroying the family but effectively redefining it, is portrayed as healthy.

Our education, which used to be the envy of the world and now is its laughing stock, is portrayed as being effective – and for once our governing spivs aren’t lying.

The education they’ve spawned is indeed effective in churning out ignoramuses incapable of seeing through the lies, or at least drawing the right conclusions from what they see.

Having said all that, the cynicism displayed by HMRC in so nonchalantly admitting to lying is quite refreshing even by the now customary standards of HMG. Dave is proving his credentials as the true Heir to Blair.    







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