Migrants make HRH see red

How does one get rid of those blasted un-English creatures? Can’t kill them all, what-what? Not without being accused of various inhumane thingies faster than one can say Camilla.

Banishing them is possible in theory, but how’s one to round them up, millions of those blasted un-English nasties? All the bearskins in London won’t be able to do it, and anyway they’re too busy posing for tourists. A bloody royal pain, that.

They come here, just a few at first. And then, faster than one can say Diana, there are millions of the those bloody un-English creatures, eating the natives out of house and palace.

HRH Prince Charles is especially worked up about migrants from America, who are so bloody pernicious. Yet HRH has come up with an ingenious solution.

If we can neither prevent migrants from coming nor cull them en masse, then at least we can make sure they don’t breed in that oversexed, most un-English way.

To that end HRH is proposing an effective yet humane measure. We could slip powerful oral contraceptives into the migrants’ food, thereby sterilising them for a few years, breaking their reproduction cycle and eventually reducing their numbers. A good thingy too: can’t have too many Yank undesirables here, can we now?

Before you scream Dr Mengele, let me assure you that Prince Charles is blissfully unaware of the broad possibilities inherent in his proposal. And, should he be made aware of them, he’d doubtless be appalled. For all I know, he has no particular animosity toward American immigrants, at least not the human kind.

In fact, judging by his deafening silence on this issue, HRH isn’t concerned about any human immigration whatsoever. And when it comes to Islamic immigration, he positively welcomes it because we have a lot to learn from Muslims, especially that spirituality thingy.

As he explained last Christmas, “I feel that we in the West could be helped to rediscover the roots of our own understanding by an appreciation of the Islamic tradition’s deep respect for the timeless traditions of the natural order.”

Indeed we could. And while at it, we could learn a few other thingies from Muslims as well, such as how to treat women, forgive our enemies and fly large planes into tall buildings.

The didactic possibilities are endless, but migrants preoccupying HRH at the moment aren’t Muslim. It’s not Homo sapiens he’s worried about, but Sciurus carolinensis.

Grey squirrels. It’s those American migrants that HRH wants to sterilise to kingdom come, even before his own kingdom comes.

How did those undesirables originally cross the Atlantic to arrive at our shores? As far as I know, they can neither fly nor walk on water. Anyway, arrive they did and immediately set about oppressing the native English reds (red squirrels, that is, not Jeremy Corbyn types).

Being American, greys are bigger, stronger and brasher than diffident English reds. Hence they beat reds to available food, leaving them to starve to death. Moreover, greys also carry a virus fatal to reds. As a result, the current grey population of Britain stands at a huge 3.5 million, while the native reds have been reduced to a derisory 140,000.

If you’re seeking human parallels, don’t expect any from me. And certainly don’t expect them from Prince Charles. He’s just concentrating on the task at hand, that sterilisation thingy.

Now grey squirrels are classed as vermin in Britain, making it possible to kill them without the kind of repercussions one would suffer if harming a human intruder. So, rather than spending millions on HRH’s flavour of the month, why not just cull them?

That wouldn’t cost a penny and could in fact make quite a few. The government could for example organise fee-paying squirrel-shooting parties on public and National Trust lands. Enough people in Britain are happy to pay for the privilege of shooting pheasants, and those poor birds do nobody any harm. So why not squirrels?

Truth be told, HRH and other RHs have been known to bring down a bird or two (or two hundred) on a sporting weekend, so he can’t possibly have compunctions about solving the grey problem that way.

Actually, he does. He favours sterilisation because it’s a humane alternative to culling. To be consistent, HRH must immediately donate his collection of Purdey shotguns to a Muslim charity. No, perhaps that’s a bad idea. But you get my point.

To be perfectly honest, as an inveterate urbanist I don’t care a certain portion of squirrel anatomy what colour most of those tree-climbing rats are. Reds are prettier, but I can satisfy my aesthetic cravings in other ways.

Apparently, greys also strip the bark off broadleaved trees, leaving them exposed to disease. That I do care about, but not as much as I do about other thingies.

Such as our royals systematically being reduced to figureheads allowed to speak only on trivial issues or ideally none at all. Squirrels interest me too, though in a different way.

Genetically, reds and greys are some 20 times further apart than humans and chimps, who share 99 per cent of their active genetic material. And yet, their colour and size apart, the two squirrels look the same to an untrained observer, while humans and chimps don’t.

Therefore squirrels can act as a starting point of inquiry into the nature of humanity, at the end of which perhaps lies the realisation that there’s more than genetic makeup to being human.

I’d love to hear such thoughts from HRH, when he has a spare moment from extolling Muslim spirituality. But I won’t. He’s preoccupied with that sterilisation thingy.


7 thoughts on “Migrants make HRH see red”

  1. After reading this article I asked my wife to say the first word that comes to her mind when I say Prince Charles, “Silly” she replied without hesitation. That’s a great shame as he is likely to be the next contender to be stamped on our Australian coins; that is if adulterers and divorcees are allowed the crown.
    It’s not only his green agenda that paints him as a buffoon, it is also comments pertaining to his future that also warrant it. Take for example his comment, “Something as curious as the monarchy won’t survive unless you take account of people’s attitudes. After all, if people don’t want it, they won’t have it.” He appears to see the monarchy as a curiosity that a seemingly democratic public can toss out the window. He is too frivolous! The various elected governments of the “Western World”, (that are turning middle eastern, which he doesn’t seem to mind), have a 3-6-year vision; stay in power, make personal contacts, attempt to appease some of the public while largely accommodating multi-nationalists. That’s why many long-term expensive infrastructure projects only receive countless feasibility studies rather than being built. Whereas a leader born into the role could lead a country with visions set way beyond the next election. But, who would want decades of an incompetent nincompoop attempting to inspire a nation? He should have instead decades of grooming into wise thoughtful decisions in leading a historically great nation into a rich future.
    Rather than Great Britain I fear we shall have Crumbling Britain.

    1. I agree but an ineffectual chump is always a possibility in most royal lines (as in humbler ones). In AB’s beloved 13th Century, the Crown was worth having and the chump was readily pushed aside (to coin a euphemism). The present Chump has made a sensible suggestion for once but because such an idea has now been tainted by his silliness it has no chance of being taken up. He should be conferred with the title ‘His Royal Silliness’ and told to keep quiet.

      1. Charles is a university graduate? I think so. First royal to graduate from an institution of higher learning in hundreds of years? Anyone know?

        1. Yes…The Prince went to Cambridge University in 1967 to read archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College. He changed to history for the second part of his degree, and in 1970 was awarded a 2:2 degree.
          One of the few from his line.

  2. They do feed a grain to deer and pigeons that does sterilize them. Pests that cannot reproduce and naturally die out.

    NorPlant in the U.S. was at one time suggested as a possible contraceptive to be given to teenage welfare recipients [female]. Surgically implanted in the arm pit, an out-patient procedure, and good for five years. Voluntarily done of course. After proposed never heard about it again.

    What American too in his right mind would want to move to England? England if a state of the Union would only one-step in rank economically better than Mississippi.

  3. HRH Price Charles is rapidly moving on from being a laughing stock to a menace to the constitution.

    Somebody needs to persuade him to put a sock in it, and to let him know in no uncertain terms why it is essential that he does.

    His mother has been a model of good sense and discretion – he would do well to learn from her; but I fear he is too stupid.

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