Mme Macron against sexual abuse of children

M and Mme Macron

As more and more cases of such abuse in general and incest in particular come to light in France, a campaign to put an end to these crimes is gathering speed.

Specifically, campaigners want to change laws implying that children can give sexual consent.

At present, a child is presumed to have given such consent in the absence of “violence, threat, constraint or surprise”. Campaigners want to end this law, along with a 30-year statute of limitations for sexual abuse of children. A child, they object, can’t consent to sex by definition.

“It’s brave to speak out,” said Mme Macron in a TV interview. “Victims’ silence ‘kills off the act’. So these acts absolutely must be reported and not be stifled.”

It’s even braver of  Mme Macron to speak out. Her support will doubtless add momentum to the much needed campaign. Bien joué, Brigitte.

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