My apologies to the Queen

The other day I inadvertently stated that Her Majesty belonged to an underground al-Qaeda cell.

Really, Sir Kenneth?

All right, fine, only joking. I knew you wouldn’t believe I could have said that, even inadvertently. All I actually said was that she merely supported al-Qaeda. What, still no traction? Dear oh dear, you are an incredulous lot, aren’t you?

You are right though: I made no such statement. What puzzles me, however, is that you don’t believe anyone could have said anything so far-fetched.

After all, Sir Kenneth Olisa, Lord-Lieutenant of London and spokesman for the Palace, stated categorically the other day that neither Her Majesty nor anyone in her family is averse to terrorist organisations.

When asked whether the royal family supported BLM, Sir Kenneth came up with an unequivocal reply: “The answer is easily yes.” That answer is easily the most damning thing anyone has ever said about our monarchy (at least since 1649, when Charles I was beheaded).

For BLM is self-admittedly and proudly a Marxist organisation, relying on violence to achieve its aims. The aims are first to remove the police by ‘defunding’ them, and then to proceed unopposed to destroy ‘capitalism’. Anti-racism is merely the umbrella strategy, expressible in snappy slogans.

Patriss Cullors, who co-founded BLM, first cut her teeth in the terrorist Weatherman underground. She describes herself and the other founding members as “trained Marxists… super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories.” That is, Marxism-Leninism.

Nor is she bashful about tracing her lineage back to the US Communist Party, “especially Black communists,” and to “the great work of the Black Panther Party, the American Indian Movement, Young Lords, Brown Berets, and the great revolutionary rainbow experiments of the 1970s.”

We’ve already had a taste of the methods Cullors’s followers propose to employ to achieve their goals. Last year, during the George Floyd riots, BLM gangs burned and looted shops, attacked passers-by, fought the police (who hadn’t yet been defunded).

That’s the red, violent end of its campaign. The violet end is the non-stop propaganda of its slogans in every available medium, regrettably including many mainstream outlets. The spectrum shows that BLM has learned from the best – and in the field of Marxist subversion there’s no doubt that the best is Lenin.

Before he got mummified, the great leader always preached a sensible mix of legal and illegal tactics. The legal ones included participating in the traditional institutions, such as parliaments, the better to subvert them from within. The illegal methods covered a broad range from murders and robberies all the way to a full-blown coup.

Lenin also bequeathed the lesson of broadening Marxist terminology. The word ‘capitalist’ was to him a polyvalent term covering anyone who failed to acknowledge the bright future awaiting the world under communism. In addition to the actual owners of capital, the term described aristocrats, priests, intellectuals who were too clever by half – and of course royalty.

Nor did BLM’s spiritual teacher even attempt to pretend that, to him and his acolytes, annihilating ‘capitalism’ also meant annihilating ‘capitalists’.

One thing I can say for the Marxists is that they are men of action, not just windbags. This they went on to prove everywhere they took over, by murdering, conservatively estimated, some 140 million worldwide – including, and this gets us back to the subject in hand, numerous members of the Queen’s own family.

Since BLM has never repudiated its Marxist-Leninist provenance, one can infer with absolute certainty that, given the chance, it’ll put into practice Marxist theories in which they are “super-versed”.

Contrary to what Lord Russell believed, the fact that the sun has risen every morning in history is ample proof that it’ll rise tomorrow. In the same vein, if victorious Marxists have always murdered whole social classes, starting from the top, they are guaranteed to continue to do so with monotonous regularity.

So let’s not equivocate: by supporting BLM, Her Majesty implicitly supports the cellar in which her whole family, including the children, would be massacred. Hence, since no one has ever suggested that the Queen suffers from maniacal suicidal tendencies, she can’t possibly support BLM.

Therefore Sir Kenneth didn’t really mean it the way it sounded, which he confirmed the next day. All he meant was that all royals abhor racism. Implicitly, however, abhorring racism means adoring BLM. Doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t.

For example, I too abhor racism – or any hatred by category. That doesn’t mean I support black, Muslim or any other terrorism. I’d happily clap into the same prison every BLM member, every Muslim terrorist and every extant Clansman. Let them sort themselves out behind bars.

So what motivated Sir Kenneth to say such a manifestly idiotic thing? Simple. He is living testimony to the efficacy of Marxist, and specifically BLM, propaganda. It has implanted into people’s minds the falsehood that BLM and anti-racism are one and the same.

Exactly the same effect was achieved by Bolshevik propaganda back in the day. Anyone who opposed the murder of millions and enslavement of everyone else was depicted as an enemy of equality, liberty, fraternity, the working classes and social justice. I did say BLM learned from the best.

The subject of race is touchy for the royal family. Ever since one of its members, sure to be identified soon, wondered about the colour of the baby Meghan was about to pop, all in the family have been falling over themselves listing their ant-racist credentials.

For a question like that, if it was indeed asked, didn’t just bespeak idle curiosity and ignorance of genetics (the chances of a half-caste child being darker than his darker parent are one in millions). It was crypto-racism, unvarnished. Simon-pure egalitarians aren’t supposed even to acknowledge any racial differences – just as theatre-goers aren’t expected to find anything strange about a high-heeled woman playing the fearless Roman warrior Agrippa.

Hence our royals had the gun of woke opinion held to their heads. Like the brainwashed mob roaring its demand that Her Majesty show incontinent grief over Diana’s death, today’s mob demands that every royal scream anti-racist disclaimers from every corner of Buck House.

So, if Sir Kenneth did jump the gun, it was only a little bit. Good job Harry didn’t marry a Muslim though. Her Majesty’s spokesmen would be declaring her undying support for al-Qaeda even as we speak.  

3 thoughts on “My apologies to the Queen”

  1. For those worried about the annihilation of capitalism by Marxism, don’t be. China proves that even the most unbridled kind can co-exist handsomely under the most repressive Leninist regime.
    Ditto Christianity under Marxist ideological variants.
    For though capitalism and the white race be her avowed enemies, BLM co-founder still purchases a 1.4 million dollar house (and several others) earned and constructed by capitalist means, to go live among them. Does Christ not say to love thy enemies?

    1. But that’s the whole point about Marxists. They want to dispossess everyone but themselves. And yes, Christ did say we should love our enemies. But that shouldn’t prevent us from killing them if we must.

  2. Sir Ken is a Black Muslim? Favors the bow tie. YEP, favors the bow tie in all circumstances from the images I see on the Internet. That is the trademark “secret symbol” to communicate within the community. Sir Ken wears the military uniform too? I know the English love their pageantry and all that.

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