Official: Biden is demented

This melancholy conclusion is inescapable in light of Biden’s comments before, during and on the climate summit graced by the presence of 42 world leaders, including Vlad Putin.

GRU officers Chepiga and Petrov on the way to that Czech depot

It was that champion of ecological probity whom Biden chose to single out for special praise, in preference to the other 40: “I am very heartened by President Putin’s call for the world to collaborate on advanced carbon dioxide removal.”

It pleases me as a British subject that my country has also been singled out for praise. Britain, Bill Gates told the conference, is to play a leading role in helping subsistence farmers avoid the shocks of global warming. God help me, but the chap has gone microsoft in the head.

Had Gates plotted climate changes next to farming activity over the past few millennia, he’d know that warm periods marked the times of the greatest productivity and prosperity. And conversely, when the climate got colder, famines usually ensued, accompanied by large-scale migrations, shrinking populations, disappearing farms, disease and general misery.

Now Biden and Gates, along with the world’s entire progressive community (it is a community, isn’t it? – everything else is), cling to the daft notion that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is mostly produced by irresponsible people who fuel their lives with hydrocarbons.

This belief is so scientifically illiterate that one shouldn’t grace it with too much commentary. I exhausted my quota of articles over the past couple of months by siting on several occasions reams of scientific data that show that human input makes up an infinitesimally tiny portion of atmospheric carbon dioxide and an even smaller one of atmospheric gases in general.

Moreover, changes in CO2 concentration have little to do with climate, and next to nothing compared to solar activity, tectonic shifts, volcanoes, meteorites and hundreds of other factors beyond human control.

But let’s assume that great scientist Greta Thunberg is right. Even so, since carbon dioxide is a major resource of biomass generation, its removal will reduce the number of forests and trees in general. Since trees absorb CO2, its amount in the atmosphere will hence rise pari passu. This is one way in which nature maintains its balance, and trying to distort it artificially is fraught with incalculable risks.

But I shouldn’t compete with Greta on this subject – her educational credentials are too awe-inspiring. Tipping my hat, I’m prepared to agree with her and Joe Biden: CO2 is poison, and hydrocarbons are the work of the devil.

Now let’s juxtapose this premise with the fact that Russia’s economy is almost totally dependent on the consumption of hydrocarbons and especially their export. It’s oil and gas that keep Vlad and his jolly friends in the style to which they’ve lately become accustomed. Without hydrocarbons, Russia’s economy will collapse within weeks and, more important in this context, so will Putin’s regime.

So how sincerely do you suppose Vlad supports the wokish theories so dear to Joe’s heart? Not very, would be my guess. He merely wants to trick his way to a measure of international respectability, something to which he has never been entitled, and now less than ever.  

“President Putin and I have our disagreements,” acknowledged Biden, but these are insignificant compared to their shared commitment to… well, you get it.

I’m not sure ‘disagreements’ is quite the right word, unless he’d also use this word to describe US-Japan relations circa 1942. Just a couple of weeks ago – and I realise a fortnight is aeons in politics – Biden described Putin as a killer (or rather agreed with that description when asked).

Since the president gets intelligence briefings, and assuming he can read them with full comprehension, he must be aware of the reckless brinkmanship with which Putin teeters on the verge of full-blown war against America’s allies and even other Nato members. Biden must also have heard of the three aggressive wars Russia has waged in the past 20-odd years. Moreover, I’m sure the CIA informs him of the relish with which Vlad and his acolytes regularly threaten nuclear annihilation, specifically turning America into “radioactive dust”.

And speaking of other Nato members, a few days ago the news broke that the same two GRU officers who in 2018 poisoned the Skripals, British subjects on British soil, had four years earlier blown up an ammunition warehouse in the Czech Republic, which, unless I’m very much mistaken, belongs to Nato.

Two local residents died in the blast. I’m sure the area’s ecology must have suffered too, and we know how deeply Vlad cares about that. Let me tell you, wars have been started for much milder ‘disagreements’ than that, and Article 5 of the Nato Charter calls for a robust response to such hostile acts.

I’m not the first to question Biden’s mental health, nor shall I be the last. But I just can’t imagine anyone who is compos mentis choosing this time to pat Vlad on the back and compliment him on some empty promises he has no intention of keeping. I wish the security of the West were in safer hands.

2 thoughts on “Official: Biden is demented”

  1. Did the GRU and the KGB kiss and make up?

    Also, it would not be unfair to describe modernity as an autistic atheist nightmare (Gates, Thunberg, Putin….)

  2. “Bill Gates told the conference, is to play a leading role in helping subsistence farmers avoid the shocks of global warming”

    Bill is now the # 1 or # 2 largest private land owner in the USA. Recently bought farms in Louisiana for the growing of rice. Miracle Grow I will know how I guess. A gentleman farmer they are referred to?

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