Religion of peace strikes again

It’s early hours yet, but so far no Western leader has explained to a shocked world that the on-going orgy of satanic cruelty inspired by Islam is not, in fact, inspired by Islam.

I trust they will, in short order, regale us with their take on geopolitics and comparative religion:

The Koran, which contrary to all evidence such leaders have convinced themselves they have read, preaches nothing but pacific behaviour. If some of its adherents murder children en masse while laughing and screaming ‘Allahu akbar!’, it’s not their religion’s fault.

At fault here are each perpetrator’s personal idiosyncrasies, such as perhaps an insufficiently loving father or an overprotective mother. More likely, it’s the shockingly low level of foreign aid we have been sending to his country of origin.

Alternatively, he may have failed to sublimate his bubbling libido, which affected his id in a way that turns murdering children into an irresistible compulsion. Or words to that effect – I’m not quite up on modern cant.

One way or the other, he is a sovereign agent acting of his own accord with no prodding from Islam anywhere in sight. He is a ‘lone wolf’, in Dave’s apt phrase.

Well, seven of those wolves, red in tooth and claw, formed a pack that came out of the woods in Peshawar to murder 141 in a school, 132 of them children. Before they were nonchalantly shot point-blank, the pupils had been treated to the rousing spectacle of their teacher being burnt alive.

This was supposed to be a response to the Pakistani army’s attempts to prevent the Taliban from taking over their country, an internecine quarrel if I ever saw one. The ardour the army displays in this noble undertaking has been largely spurred on by the money our government extracted from you and me.

Alternatively it was the lone wolves’ way of protesting against the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Malala Yousafzi, campaigner for women’s rights to education in Muslim countries (that such a campaign was necessary teaches a valuable lesson in comparative religion, which is guaranteed to be ignored).

Incidentally, Malala, at age 17 the youngest ever Nobel laureate, was shot by another lone wolf back in 2012, for daring to offend so egregiously against the fundamental teaching of Islam… sorry, I forget. The fundamental teaching of Islam had nothing to do with it.

Many of us have at times been appalled by Nobel Peace Prizes being awarded to odd individuals, such as, to name a couple off the top, Yasser Arafat or Barack Hussein Obama. Yet in spite of much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, somehow we’ve managed to suppress the urge to murder children in protest.

Obviously such restraining mechanisms aren’t at work among the thousands upon thousands of lone wolves running wild in the Islamic world. In fact, there are so many thousands of them that one is tempted to believe that they are also driven by a collective, rather than merely individual, energumen.

Far be it from me to advocate a cull of lone wolves – the RSPCA wouldn’t wear it. But we definitely must – and, given our leaders’ stated convictions, definitely won’t – protect ourselves against those predators.

Somehow I don’t think continuing to pay off Pakistan’s government is going to do the job. The money could be better spent on such measures as … I’d better stop here, before I’m charged with inciting violence.

In any case, the situation is dire, as it always is when there is a war on, especially when we refuse to acknowledge that there is a war on. Under such circumstances shooting from the lip is always ill-advised and usually counterproductive.

It’s also unnecessary: the technicalities of how the threat is to be thwarted are best left to those professionally qualified in such matters, a category into which I don’t include myself.

But before such chaps work out the tactical details they must be given the strategic objective. In this case there can be only one: make sure nothing like this ever happens in our country and, if it still does, the proverbial wild animals are punished so cataclysmically that the Islamic threat goes dormant for a century or two.

How you do it is up to you. No holds barred. There is a war on.



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