Something is rotten in the state of Britain

JeremyCorbynWe may be one democratic election away from the end of democratic elections, possibly for ever.

Like Hitler, who used and then eliminated the ballot box, the hard left fronted by Comrade Corbyn is close to taking over the Labour Party first and Britain second.

The same strategy almost succeeded in the 1980s, when the Labour hard left, then fronted by Ken Livingstone, came close to gaining control of the party, with the general election up for grabs.

This type of infiltration is called ‘entryism’, an idea first concocted by Comrade Trotsky, Comrade Corbyn’s idol.

Back in 1988 Corbyn was one of the backbench MPs who petitioned Parliament to demand that the Soviets restore his role model’s sterling reputation. This is what they wrote:

“That this House, in the light of the special conference of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in one week’s time, and of the judicial rehabilitation of Bukharin, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Radek and Pyatakov, demands that the Russian Government goes further and gives complete rehabilitation to Leon Trotsky…”

According to a Labour source, Corbyn’s sympathies haven’t so much changed as consolidated over time: “Jeremy Corbyn has clearly been fixated by the political ideology and tactics of Leon Trotsky for some time.”

Let’s throw some light on the situation, if any is needed. All the gentlemen mentioned in 1988 are among the most monstrous ghouls ever thrown up by Satan. They, along with Lenin and Stalin, drowned Russia in blood, enslaved her whole population and tried to do the same to the rest of the world.

In 1920, having barely scraped through their own civil war, the Soviets thrust westwards, with the intention of going all the way to the Channel. But for the Poles’ heroic fight-back at Warsaw, they would have done just that, for the demob-happy West had run out of fight by then.

Trotsky, the principal inspiration behind that foray, was easily as monstrous as Lenin and Stalin. His idea of a ‘permanent revolution’ called for the Soviet state to keep pouncing on all its neighbours with the ferocity of a rabid dog. And Trotsky’s concept of domestic policy was solely based on unrestrained violence, something he practised on a scale never before encountered in history.

After Lenin’s death Trotsky was outmanoeuvred by Stalin and thrown out of Russia. When in exile, he tried to organise opposition to Stalin, who, according to Trotsky, was neither radical enough nor sufficiently flexible. Eventually the debate was settled with an ice axe, and I am not shedding any tears.

It was in exile that Trotsky enlarged on Lenin’s original idea which the syphilitic ghoul called ‘legalism’. Trotsky’s ‘entryism’ was based on the same principle: infiltrating and using civilised institutions the better to destroy them.

This devious plan was adopted and developed by others, starting with the Italian communist Gramsci, who advocated a gradual hard-left takeover of the press and cultural institutions. Coming into prominence later were Adorno, Marcuse and all the other Frankfurters who fell out of Trotsky’s buns.

Now their spiritual descendants are conspiring to ensure that Corbyn is re-elected as party leader next month, which will then enable him to purge Labour of the ‘moderate’ (marginally less subversive) elements. The stated purpose is to “pull society to the left”, presumably into the margin where Trotsky would have felt at home.

Much pull-through is coming from the loony fringe expelled from Labour but now clamouring for readmission. One such group, the Socialist Workers Party, urges industrial strife to boost Corbyn: “Strikes hit the Tories and the bosses where it hurts. We need more of them. Such a working-class movement can pull society to the left. It’s the only thing that can really defend Corbyn.”

The coalition of hard-left groups supporting Corbyn is called Momentum, which is an appropriate term, considering that the old Trotskyist has already won 83 per cent of local party nominations, more than he did when elected party leader last summer.

Momentum includes various fragments of the Militant movement of the 1980s, such as The Socialist Party of England and Wales, which demands that “The Labour Party needs to be much more welcoming to all strands of opinion, particularly on the left.”

Such fragments also include the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty and even the good old Communist Party, which is touting a six-point plan encouraging their people to join Labour as individual members and boost Corbyn.

Comrade Corbyn, who inherited Comrade Trotsky’s urge to orate if not his gift of the gab, is rabble-rousing with the best of them, trying to galvanise the hard left. On Monday he shared a platform with members of the Socialist party, preaching the delights of immigration at a black, Asian and ethnic-minority rally.

Labour’s Blairites are quaking in their boots. We too should be afraid.

For a clear path has opened up for the communists (whatever they call themselves) to destroy Britain in line with Trotsky’s blueprints. Should a recession, possibly promoted by paralysing general strikes, coincide with the next election, this lot may well find themselves in power.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” as the saying goes. So what are we going to do?

5 thoughts on “Something is rotten in the state of Britain”

  1. What are we going to do? Well, not voting for any party of the Left for starters. Fortunately, it seems the majority of people in this country don’t share comrade Corbyn’s views, although you could be forgiven given the shrill loudmouths who dominate the airwaves. My real concern is the ‘Government in exile’; the champagne socialists and their useful idiots in prominent positions in the public and charitable sectors. They have a Common Purpose y’know…

  2. Corbynite sounds a lot like Cordite. Fear not. Cordite is a smokeless low explosive with a subsonic shockwave. Corbynite on the other hand just fizzles and splutters out.

  3. A man before his time, “Degsy,” aka Derek Hatton, will be disappointed to have been overlooked, once again. Bruvver Dave should have recognised him with a peerage in his resignation honours list. The success of the Cameroonian “Etonian Tendency” in their takeover the Tory party owed a lot to Degsy’s entryist tactics. Others were rewarded on far flimsier grounds. He just went to the wrong school, I suppose.

  4. I am not too concerned about Corbyn. THe man is a lunatic and a Trotskyite party cannot win power in the UK, the working class is far too smart.

    I am much more concerned by the permanent soft left bias of the BBC and the civil service which manage to sell their “caring sharing fairs-fair” message which prevents meaningful reform to the disastrous NHS, education and welfare state generally plus the foreign aid budget and the drastic reforms required in military procurement to ensure that our world beating servicement have useful kit to do an effective job at an acceptabl cost to the tax payer, a process which will mean sacking dozens of wing commanders, admirals and generals and selling off BAE to the highest bidder (probably nobody). All these essential jobs, which as well as brexit need to be tackled now, are virtually impossible while these lefties are in charge, and they are the true rotten hert of Britain.

    Corbyn is a sideshow, a diversion.

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