Swedish women are all whores

SwedishWomenBefore I get irate letters from Swedish women and all those who abhor generalisation, this isn’t an attempt to impugn the morals of Nordic womankind. It’s merely a quote.

The belief quoted is almost universally shared among the Muslim population of Sweden, a nation more hospitable to aliens than any other in Northern Europe.

Five per cent of the country’s population is Muslim (or more, if we include second-generation immigrants, as we must) and, coincidentally, Swedish women also suffer the greatest number of rapes and sexual assaults.

Or rather I’d want this to be coincidental. After all, I am, as I keep mentioning in the hope of attracting a greater following, the founder, president and so far the only member of the Charles Martel Society for Multiculturalism.

Therefore I’d never point an accusing finger at any downtrodden group that has suffered for so long from Western colonialism, imperialism and all sorts of other isms. Nor will I dare suggest that the sentiment in the title has anything to do with this inexplicable situation.

Actually, Sweden is relatively free of blame, since I can’t recall any instances of Swedes venting their colonialist urges on Muslims. Then again, Swedes must share in the collective guilt of all white people, especially since they look whiter than most.

However, even though I refuse to accuse Muslims, statistics do that for me. And these say that Muslims dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, most perpetrators are immigrants, and most immigrants are Muslims.

This is the case not only in Sweden but in the rest of Scandinavia too. In Oslo, immigrants, mainly Muslims, are involved in two out of three rapes. In Copenhagen, this figure is three out of four.

But Sweden takes pride of place both in absolute and relative numbers. The absolute numbers are easy enough to explain: the country has by far the greatest population in Scandinavia and therefore the greatest number of targets.

The relative numbers aren’t exactly mysterious either, owed as they are to the nation’s aforementioned hospitality. Of all convicted rapists there, 85 per cent were born abroad, and an overwhelming majority are Muslims.

Yet those who demand that decisive action be taken clearly don’t understand the concept of cultural diversity. The Swedish police do, as shown by their attempt to throw light on the macabre situation in their report “The Current Situation of Sexual Molestation and Proposals for Action.”

Sweden’s finest grudgingly admit that the majority of attacks are against girls under 15, and most are committed by Muslims. However, this has nothing to do with… well, anything it isn’t supposed to have anything to do with.

It’s all simply a case of cultural differences. Islamic culture, which is self-evidently at least equal to ours, dictates that any woman wearing revealing clothes (that is, not draped head to toe in a black Halloween costume) is a whore.

Now, even supposing that every female Swede is indeed a lady of easy virtue, it still doesn’t follow that she should be fair game for rape. Whores are still entitled to offer or refuse consent, and Swedish policemen agree.

That is, they agree for appearances’ sake. One still detects their general feeling that any raped woman who wears short skirts (or, given the tender age of most victims, pinafores) has only herself to blame.

She also has something else to blame, her “Nordic alcohol culture and non-traditional gender roles”. Now, according to those downtrodden Muslim migrants, the traditional ‘gender role’ for a woman is solely to act as a spittoon for a man’s discharge, in which capacity she may even be allowed to divest herself of the Halloween costume.

When a blonde Valkyrie is espied not acting in that role, she must be forced to conform. “Control is exercised over women through violence,” explains the report, “thus shaping her according to the man’s idealised vision of femininity.”

Those Muslim idealists also suffer from traditional Nordic intemperance. They “can’t handle the alcohol” and as a result “feel horny”. In other words, it’s the victims’ own fault for belonging to a degenerate culture that, unlike the highly moral Islam, countenances the consumption of booze.

Now I grew up in Russia, a country that easily rivals Scandinavia in ‘alcohol culture’. When I and my friends were young and filled to the brim with bubbling hormones, we drank a lot, and most of us couldn’t handle alcohol either. And yes, we too ‘felt horny’ as a result. Yet we always asked the girl’s permission before having sex – it was just something one did.

Those Russian rapists who didn’t ask permission were savages, and so are those Muslims who make Swedish women scared to walk the streets. If a culture predisposes men to sexual violence, then it’s not so much culture as condoned savagery.

No doubt those Swedish Valkyries are ecstatic about the news that 190,000 more Muslims will have arrived in Sweden by the end of the year. I can think of only one solution: they should all convert to Islam and don Halloween costumes.

And if you can think of any other solution, don’t bother to apply for my Charles Martel Society for Multiculturalism. You’ll be blackballed.

4 thoughts on “Swedish women are all whores”

  1. There is something particularly nihilistic about Scandinavia. Given the state of today’s Europe, that is really saying something. The Swedes want to be destroyed, the Muslim horde serves as a sort of deus ex machina.

  2. 190,000 more Muslims arriving in Sweden by the end of the year? Excepting Stockholm isn’t that larger than the average city in Sweden? Madness. Simple madness.

  3. ……poor girls, my heart goes to them
    maybe those rapists should be dressed in burkas and have their moms, sisters and daughters wear sexy bikinis and walk them to jail, maybe they would learn to teach those boys better…..

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