Terror on London Bridge

Earlier today, armed police shot dead a terrorist on London Bridge, but not before he stabbed several people with two kitchen knives.

So far his identity hasn’t been revealed, nor indeed even hinted at. That leaves room for guesswork, which is what I’m inviting you to try.

On the balance of probabilities, do you think the attacker was a) a Tory-voting Englishman, b) a Labour-voting Muslim or c) an apolitical other?

Remember your answer to this question and check the test result tomorrow, when, one hopes, we’ll find out.

3 thoughts on “Terror on London Bridge”

    1. There was at least one disenfranchised person on day-release at the talkfest at the Fishmongers hall and he actually pursued and attacked the attacker. I suspect there were many criminals present (even terrorists wearing tags). The soft-on-crime brigade who run such Fests should be forced to hold them at venues well away from London Bridge. Baghdad comes to mind.

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