The aliens don’t just ruin us financially

Much has been written about the burden placed on the fragile shoulders of our treasury by the huge influx of immigrants from alien cultures.

Coming from lands utterly corrupted by either Islam or communism, many of them can’t pay their way in a Western economy. Alas, nowadays Western economies are conditioned to open their coffers to those who shouldn’t have access to them.

Hence the ruinous public spending which is the primary cause of the current crisis. Hence also the rapidly declining quality of our legislators who now have a glorious opportunity to bribe their way to power.

All they have to do to make sure Paul will vote for them is rob Peter and transfer the loot Paul’s way. And this points at the gravest damage done by the immigration deluge. It isn’t financial. It’s moral.

Rather than adapting to our ways, all those Romanian or Bulgarian gypsies and especially Muslims from Asia or Africa want to impose their ways on us.

When their numbers reach a certain critical mass, the damage becomes incalculable. It’s noticeable in our schools, with many – in some places most – pupils unable to speak English properly. Our hospitals also suffer, what with many doctors’ qualifications not meeting civilised standards. The traditional practices of our founding religion are becoming offensive to millions, who have to be mollified and mollycoddled.

Perhaps even the greater damage is political. I’ve already mentioned that vast communities where few people are employed pave the way to Westminster for out-and-out spivs, and that’s bad enough. For it’s these spivs who make all those outrages possible, with the acquiescence of a largely inert populace.

But predominantly Muslim communities, whose number is mushrooming, also wash ashore at Westminster the flotsam of real creepy-crawlies. Such as David Ward, LibDem MP for Bradford East, where few Christians are to be found.

Every time I write about this creature, I feel the urge to run a damp cloth over the keyboard afterwards. For Ward is a virulent, zoological anti-Semite.

He isn’t the only one, it has to be said. This little idiosyncrasy is reasonably widespread, and even some outstanding people aren’t immune to it – Chesterton comes to mind, along with Belloc, Waugh, Kingsley Amis, perhaps even Shakespeare.

Closer to our time, one can think of a few anti-Semitic politicians, specifically within the ranks of the SDP, the predecessor of today’s LibDems. One gets the impression that perhaps they misunderstand the meaning of the word ‘liberal’ in their party name.

However, in the past such politicians this side of Oswald Mosley kept that charming trait to themselves, when addressing a wide audience at any rate. The creepy-crawly Ward doesn’t feel he has to. On the contrary, he knows that the more hatred towards Jews he evinces, the more he’ll appeal to his voters.

Hence he keeps talking about the ‘Jewish atrocities’ in Palestine, feigning dismay that “the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps, be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians… and continue to do so.”

When Ward first tweeted this drivel, he received a mild slap on the wrist from Nick Clegg, who threatened to withdraw the party whip. Ward offered a feeble apology, but only after stating that he and his party had ‘a difference of opinion.’

That happened in January, when he was also told to use ‘proportionate and precise language’ henceforth. The party bosses should have been careful what they wished for. Ward’s idea of ‘precise language’ would doubtless be saying that it’s a pity Hitler didn’t quite finish the job, leaving so much for the Muslims to mop up.

Two days ago he came close to such precision by tweeting more hateful nonsense: “At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”

If this ‘apartheid state’ ceases to exist, say after a military defeat, millions of Jews will be murdered on the spot, an outcome Ward would no doubt applaud. Such a heartfelt sentiment deserved a slap on the other wrist, and it promptly came.

Ward had the party whip suspended for two months – exactly the two months during which Parliament will be in recess anyway. According to the party bosses, his offence was again in using “disproportionate and imprecise language.”

This sort of thing, the letter explained, makes it hard for the party to criticise Israel, something it dearly wants to do, especially when it comes to “addressing the plight of the Palestinian people.”

Perhaps the party could do better by criticising not Israel but the crazed fanatics threatening to “push it into the sea.”

This isn’t to say that Israel is beyond criticism. In this world we’re blessed with neither ideal states nor perfect institutions, and Israel is far from being paradise on earth. However, it’s surrounded by hell on earth – and it’s this hell that Israel keeps at bay for all our sakes.

The State of Israel has been thrust in the role of vanguard in the West’s conflict with Islam. This conflict predates Israel by about 1,400 years, so it can hardly be blamed for instigating the hostilities.

According to Descartes, all knowledge comes either from intuition or from comparing two or more things, and this is one thing he got right.

So by all means the LibDems and the rest of us should criticise Israel, if such is our wish. But while doing so, do let’s compare it to every other state in the region, along with its profusion of terrorist gangs. If Descartes was right, then knowledge will emerge at the other end: Israel, for all its imperfections, is civilised, and the other lot aren’t.

Far be it from me to say that any criticism of Israel betokens anti-Semitism – as long as we agree that some definitely does. In his rants Ward uses ‘Israel’ as shorthand for world Jewry and ‘Zionists’ as simply another word for Jews, whom he hates viscerally.

The derisory punishment for voicing such sentiments brings into question his party’s stand on such issues. My guess is that no further chastisement is forthcoming: Nick will hate to lose one of his handful of remaining MPs. It goes without saying that political considerations trump all others.

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