Tipped the other way, it’s our message to the EU

VictorySignNever in my life have I been so happy, nay ecstatic, to be wrong. Along with so many others, including Nigel Farage, the bookies and the pollsters, I thought the cause was lost. Two propaganda juggernauts, those of HMG and the EU, had been rolling for months, and they seemed unstoppable.

Now I’d like to apologise to the English people for underestimating them. Their innate common sense has seen through the scaremongering lies.

I do mean English rather than British, for the Celtic fringe, besides Wales, supported Remain. Scotland in particular craves staying in, in the misapprehension that the EU’s shattered finances will stretch to picking up the bill currently being footed by the English taxpayer.

Scotland’s politics is aptronymically fishy, meaning it lives up to its leaders’ surnames, Sturgeon and Salmond. Now they’re demanding another separatist referendum, but they’re in for a letdown.

Should they get what they want, the EU will welcome them with open arms but tight fists. They’ll greet the Scots with the same message the Russian PM recently delivered to starving pensioners: Hang on and stay cheerful, but we have no money.

Another excellent result is that we can now say good riddance to Dave, whose photograph should adorn the dictionary next to the word ‘spiv’. His resignation speech was supposed to be dignified, but instead sounded pathetic.

Yet, as far as Dave is concerned, it demonstrated that there’s a silver lining to his referendum cloud. Dave may have lost his job, but he has regained the Eton-Oxford vowels he no longer has to suppress for political gain. Felicitations, old boy, your gain is ours as well. Now off you go, to all those speech-circuit millions. Say hello to Tony for me, will you?

Like any outgoing PM, Dave listed his achievements, in the descending order of importance. Characteristically, he mentioned his subversive campaign for homomarriage above any economic achievements.

One doubts he’s bright enough to see that his push for destroying the institution of marriage might have cost him this referendum. Much of the Leave success has to be due to so many intuitive Tories loathing Dave personally, a feeling doubtless caused largely by his shoving homomarriage down their throats.

People will believe scaremongering only if they respect the scaremonger. Otherwise they’re more likely to be annoyed, and I’m glad the English vindicated this observation.

Also pathetic was the coverage of the historic turnaround on Sky News, a daily dose of which I have to swallow on my France sojourns. One announcer betrayed his true feelings by rounding off the 48.1 per cent Remain vote to 49 per cent. Another screamed at Chris Grayling, one of the Leave leaders, that, contrary to his predictions, the markets are punishing us for the vote.

“I never predicted anything of the sort,” replied Grayling. “We always said there would be some initial turbulence, but it won’t last.”

Indeed, only an economic illiterate would have expected the markets to take such a momentous shift lying down. Traders hate cataclysms and normally respond with panic. Predictably both the shares and the pound plunged the morning after, but by lunchtime they recouped half of their losses.

Our Chancellor threatened a punitive budget if Brexit won, but he’s unlikely to stick around long enough to deliver it. Like Cameron, Osborne unwisely bet his political career on the cause of destroying our constitution. However, it has hung on, which means he won’t.

He predicted the Brexit aftermath to be ‘the first DIY recession in history’, displaying both ignorance of economics and moral turpitude.

It was ignorance because every recession is DIY. Economic upheavals aren’t force majeure. They may be metaphorically described as tectonic shifts, but in reality they’re always man-made, caused by human folly. It was turpitude because it’s conceivable that by DIY Osborne meant that he himself would cause a recession by punishing the people for their wrong choice.

The word ‘punishment’ is very much in the air all over Europe, along with more pleasing words, such as ‘contagion’ and ‘domino effect’. The federasts are running scared, and few sights are more delightful to behold.

Nigel Farage predicted that the EU was moribund whatever the referendum result. That might have been so, but there’s no doubt that the Leave vote makes this rewarding outcome more likely.

Nearly half the people in France, Italy and Holland want to leave the EU and many more (60 per cent in France, for example) have negative feelings about this vile contrivance. Demands for referenda are heard all over the continent, and this kind of fermentation can’t be kept in the bottle indefinitely.

Even the Germans are fed up with sharing their earned wealth with those who haven’t earned it, and Merkel’s political longevity is far from assured. One just hopes that all those Eurocrats, 6,000 of whom get higher salaries than the British PM, have invested their ill-gotten wealth wisely.

I don’t know if Johnson at No 10 and Gove at No 11 will be better than the outgoing duo. But at least they will have got there in the wake of a great victory. Congratulations to them and all those who have fought for it so valiantly and tirelessly. Let’s rejoice.





11 thoughts on “Tipped the other way, it’s our message to the EU”

  1. Congratulations to you all from a distant American cousin. This gives me a glimmer of hope that we can turn the tide here as well and send those who would enslave us to a secular One World Government running for cover. Is it plain now we cannot trust the media or the polls on anything?

    1. Congratulations Britain! There is a glimmer of hope again. Wonderful, Mr Boot, your playful use of the English language – in this case conflating federalists and pederasts to creat one word that sums up the perversity of the Euro/NWO elite: “The federasts are running scared, and few sights are more delightful to behold.”

  2. I went to bed last night feeling rather despondent, after watching Chukka Umunna on Sky News practically orgasming at the thought Remain were going to win. I woke up around 5am and switched on my radio to hear Dimblebore forcing out the words ”Leave seems to have won”…I almost had to change my pyjamas. Oh, how happy am I, and my prayers last night have been answered. I have enjoyed watching all the luvvies and sanctimonious lefties almost crying like babies around the TV studios!

    As for Scotland wanting another referendum, well, for what? Independence? From what? How can a country be independent in the EUSSR? Do they think the EU will welcome a newly-broken away state which would only encourage separatists like the Catalonians? Never mind, tomorrow we can look forward to WW111, bubonic plague and swarms of killer bees! Happy days!

  3. If nothing else, this referendum provided an always welcome slap down to the pollsters.
    Good luck to the Brits from an American admirer.

  4. On the evening of Brexit, things looked hopeless. REMAIN was ahead. Native Brits went to bed, depressed and discouraged. And woke up in the morning to discover Brexit had WON! On Liberty GB facebook it was declared the Brexit win was The Hand of God.

    Bible, Psalm 33:10-11 The LORD nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples. The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation to generation.

    Thank You God. You have seen the Great Evil that highly organised Gangs of Dirty, Demonic, Inhuman, Savage Muslim Monsters – the Spawn of Satan perpetrated for decades on Britain’s terrorised little white girls – Gang Rapes, Tortures and being Forced into Prostitution and Sex Slavery by the Muslims UK leaders wickedly imported.

    1. Srupid woman! What has God got to do with politics, abd further more what do you mean by “native Britons”? You mean whites. What a nasty excuse for a so called Christian you are? A hatefilled racist,bigoted white extremist more like Linda. You ever realised that the God you worship wasn’t white? Or are you that full of hatred?

      1. The lady in question did express herself rather bluntly. But if God does exist, then surely he must influence all sorts of things, including politics. I think you are confused for thinking a person who is not nice cannot be a Christian. Anyone who believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ is a Christian.

      2. Is this simply hating the message, surely not the messenger? Because, as any passionate liberal knows, hate isn’t hate if it’s righteous or, as in this instance, self-righteous then? Because, you know, if there is a God, why would He want to bother with the affairs of men? Why would He care if women and children are raped and enslaved? Why would He care if those who refuse to acknowledge Him devise systems that decidedly punish those who do? Just needed a bit of clarifying about what defines hate.

      3. Frank – I don’t know if you are a Christian, but you come across like a Pharisee. I’m afraid you have displayed your own hatred – like the hatred of the sanctimonious class warriors who don’t like the opinions of others. This was one of the reasons the Remain side lost, because people are sick of the smug consensus that has led to issues like the opposition to mass immigration being kept off the agenda. Judge not Sir!

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