Who benefits?

Yesterday’s vote on same-sex marriage puts a silver lining on Chris Huhne’s cloud. He can now marry his homosexual mistress and receive conjugal visits in prison.

For the rest of us, this perverse vote represents yet another outrage perpetrated by the revolting clique governing the country. It’s easy enough to see the destruction wreaked on yet another fundamental institution of civilised society, one that predates the state. What one fails to detect at first glance is any sizeable group that can feel better as a result.

According to the largest survey ever carried out, just over one percent of the British are homosexual. Of those only an infinitesimal minority wanted this abomination – in fact, many campaigned against it. Moreover, the homosexual activists who now have smirks on their faces won’t vote Tory anyway – and wouldn’t even it were the only party on offer.

Neither does the Tory party benefit in the long term. There are only so many clefts a body can suffer without falling apart, and this is one too many. Let’s be clear about it: no real Tory can possibly support a bill based on open contempt of tradition and animated by a destructive impulse.

Thus the party division on this issue isn’t between like-minded people who happen to disagree. It’s between Tories and non-Tories. Yesterday’s ballot showed that they simply don’t belong in the same party. Dave and his cronies will feel much more at home with their equally subversive mates across the aisle, while the real Tories – the majority of the party – will be able to break bread with the other lot only at an unacceptable cost to their conscience.

Our constitution too has suffered serious, possibly irreparable, damage. The very existence of the monarchy is brought into question, for there’s no longer a legal barrier to prevent a king from reigning with another man as his queen. I doubt that even Tory ‘modernisers’ would be able to swallow such an obscenity without gagging.

Dave personally is hardly a winner either. Those 169 Tory MPs who refused to support this abomination dwarf the 126 voting in favour – this in spite of disgraceful arm-twisting by the PM and his pinstriped thugs. And at the grassroots the party abhors the bill almost unanimously.

This leaves Dave not just as a lame duck but a sitting one. Most of his own party don’t just disagree with him but find him disgusting. This doesn’t bode well for his political future – in fact, it’s far from certain that he’ll even contest the next election. What’s guaranteed is that if he does contest it he’ll lose.

The Church of England, which is a key element of the British constitution, suffered a blow to the solar plexus. It did express its opposition to same-sex marriage but was ignored. Now the vote leaves our established religion in an ambiguous position vis-à-vis the government. Many clergymen express dismay that the bill went through in spite of the unequivocal disapproval by the Church and its new Archbishop of Canterbury.

They miss the point. Dave and his cronies have pushed the bill through not in spite of the Church’s opposition, but because of it. The Church, after all, is a factor of constitutional and cultural continuity, the keeper of the flame lit 2,000 years ago. This flame, if allowed to burn, would incinerate our whole political clique (alas, only figuratively speaking). The likes of Dave can get within mingent distance of Westminster only by trampling every tradition underfoot. They realise this and act accordingly.

Therein lies the answer to the cui bono question. For Dave et al are prepared to forgo any tactical advantages in pursuit of their strategic desiderata. Such trivia as public opinion, the feelings of their own party to say nothing of the rest of the country, respect for Western civilisation, a sense of responsibility both to history and the future, taste, indeed common decency can make no inroads on this lot’s resolve to self-perpetuate.

Their loyalty is owed not to the country, nor to the party, nor even just to themselves, but to their own utterly corrupt political class. Everything of value must die so that this gang may live.

Hence we’d search in vain for any positive aspect of this evil bill. It was introduced not to create but to destroy. The agents of the destruction, the 126 Tories especially, but also the 274 others ought to be ashamed of themselves. Except that if they were capable of such human feelings, they would have voted against.

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