We must thank Obama for solving our problems

  • Posted on: 13 February 2016
  • By: Alexander

It’s kind of Obama to share with us the benefit of his resounding success in solving America’s own problems. Proceeding from that solid base, this living argument against reverse discrimination has decided to offer Britain some avuncular advice.

It’s futile to project one’s own feelings on the country at large, but advice is always welcome – provided that whoever proffers it has at least a remote idea of what he’s talking about. Alas, in Obama’s case this precondition isn’t met, which makes his advice not only useless but also annoying.

Communism does funny things to tennis

  • Posted on: 11 February 2016
  • By: Alexander

Two tennis officials have just been banned for match fixing, which isn’t remarkable in itself. Dangle easy money before people’s eyes and watch them light up – boys will be boys.

What did catch my attention is that one of the banned officials is a Croat and the other a Russian living in Kazakhstan. Eastern Europeans, both.

Admittedly, a sample of two is insufficient for drawing statistically significant conclusions. So let’s broaden the sample a bit.

Transsexual High Court judges and lesbian Catholic bishops

  • Posted on: 8 February 2016
  • By: Alexander

One of my recurrent themes is that the world has gone certifiably mad, and not in a particularly nice way. Witness the latest bouts of insanity that have caught my eye.

One such bout is called Victoria McCloud, a master of the Queen’s Bench division. We’re all so open-minded now that our brains are falling out but, when they still stayed inside our crania, we would have been taken aback.

Dave scores yet another EU triumph

  • Posted on: 3 February 2016
  • By: Alexander

One has to admire our PM’s negotiating skills. Faced with the stonewall of EU intransigence, he managed to wrench out of those boneheaded eurocrats an amazing deal for Britain, making any objection to our continuing membership sound churlish.

The complete list of reluctant concessions Dave managed to pull out of the federasts’ gnashing teeth is too long to publish in this limited space. But here are a few salient points:

It is not racism that keeps blacks out of universities

  • Posted on: 31 January 2016
  • By: Alexander

Britain, according to Dave, is racist, which “should shame our nation”. Actually, being led by such a nonentity is a greater reason to be ashamed.

A young black man, according to Dave, is more likely to find himself in prison than at a university. To someone currying favour with the progressivist crowd there can be only one explanation: racism. Our universities are reluctant to admit blacks, while our courts are eager to send them down.