A Crusade is under way

According to the governments of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, along with the mullahs and multitudes of pious Muslims in most Islamic lands, Manny Macron has declared a crusade on their religion.

Manny Macron yesterday

And following the fine tradition of the previous eight Crusades, the Muslims aren’t going to take it lying down. Rallying the faithful, Malaysia’s ex-PM said that Muslims have a right “to kill millions of French people” if they insult the Prophet.

He didn’t specify how many millions, but at least his co-religionists have made a good, if by their standards still modest, start. Now, having beheaded several days ago a Paris teacher for daring to defend freedom of speech, they’ve added three parishioners of a Nice church to their score.

Just as he did the other day, Manny Macron vented his crusading spirit thunderously: “The entire nation will stand so that religion can continue to be exercised freely in our country,” he said. And then, sounding positively Churchillian: “We shall never give in!”

Realising how unfashionably radical those statements sounded, he immediately mitigated them by calling for “unity” and asking “not to give in to the spirit of division”. If I understand Manny correctly, France’s commitment to multiculturalism won’t be weakened even if Muslims butcher the recommended millions of Frenchmen.

That’s as far as the Ninth Crusade has gone, as far as it will ever go. Manny (or any other Western leader) will express his indignation at the murders and sympathy for their victims (“Our thoughts and prayers go to…”), call for unity, reiterate his commitment to civil liberties, explain that Muslim terrorists are sick individuals in no way inspired by their cult, and promise to stand firm.

The neo-Crusaders will thus arm themselves with hot air only, while the Muslims will defend everything they hold sacred with knives, guns, bombs and heavy vehicles driven through crowds. Such is the balance of power.

I’m touched by Manny’s outspoken commitment to the free practice of religion in France. It’s good to keep things nice and general, refraining, in the spirit of multiculturalism, from singling out any one religion in particular.

Since France used to be a Catholic country, and since Muslims are already perfectly free to practise their religion without fear of beheading, Manny could have uttered the dread words ‘Catholic’ or at least ‘Christian’. But he didn’t. The God of Multi-Culti is athirst and he can smite any infidel.

You’ll have noticed the baffling fact that France suffers more terrorist attacks than any other European country. That is, the fact is baffling only to those who fail to make the forensic observation that came to me in a revelatory flash: the number of terrorist incidents in a country is directly proportionate to the number of Muslims resident there.

France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe, which is why the edge of multiculturalism is there at its most cutting. Apparently, cultural differences manifest themselves not only on hot kebabs, but also in cold steel.

Forget about crusades; they aren’t going to happen. But is there anything at all Western governments in general, and the French one in particular, can do to protect their people against Islamic savagery?

The answer is no, not without a complete cultural and political volte-face that’s about as likely as an air thick with flying pigs. Still, one is allowed to daydream in one’s weak moments.

In that blissful state one could think of any number of measures – all springing from the basic premise that the only good Muslim is a bad, which is to say impious, Muslim. Good, which is to say devout, Muslims are incompatible with Western societies because their religion is.

Regarded in that light, any mosque or Islamic centre where a single jihadist word has ever been uttered, and especially where a single terrorist has received instruction, should be summarily closed. In parallel, and this is an important point, all its members must lose their state benefits.

This point is important because, as the Figaro columnist Eric Zemmour showed the other day, most of the French Muslim terrorists are beneficiaries of state largesse, be it income support, lodgings or whatever. Putting a lid on that trough may also have the effect of limiting any further influx of migrants from Islamic lands.

In any case, such immigration should be severely curtailed, ideally stopped. The underlying assumption that in due course Muslim immigrants possibly, and their children definitely, will adopt their new culture has been proven false, some exceptions notwithstanding.

When the number of cultural aliens exceeds a certain critical mass, the culture itself is diluted into disappearance. And France, whose population is already 10 per cent Muslim, has evidently reached that point.

Any countries registering their approval of terrorism, never mind supporting it in more tangible terms, should have punitive sanctions imposed on them. If they instigate terrorist attacks, this must be treated as a casus belli and punished with military force, of apocalyptic proportions if need be. Such decisive response, however, must be based on more solid evidence than whatever inspired Messrs Bush and Blair to attack Iraq in 2003.

Western societies provide sufficient legal mechanisms to seek redress for grievances and insults. If Muslims find, say, a caricature offensive, they are free to sue their offenders – but, much as we all appreciate cultural diversity, not to cut their heads off.

I suggest that any Muslim wishing to become a permanent resident or citizen of a Western country be tested for his comprehension of, and compliance with, the laws and culture of his adopted land. When these aren’t evident, he must be instantly deported.

I’d even go further and recommend that the same test ought to be applied to those who are already citizens, even if born and bred. When the presence of a certain individual in the country endangers the lives of others, the country shouldn’t be held back by the formality of birth certificates or naturalisation papers.

Also… well, I’d better stop now before my collar is felt by the thought police. I don’t think they’d find my affection for Avicenna, Averroes, Saadi and Omar Khayyam to be a mitigating circumstance.

11 thoughts on “A Crusade is under way”

  1. “… their children definitely, will adopt their new culture has been proven false, some exceptions notwithstanding.”
    This reminds me when a 12-year-old boy informed me before a class a decade or so ago in a school near Canberra, “if you hear my tummy rumbling don’t worry, it’s Ramadan”. To which I replied, “if you hear mine don’t worry as I’m fasting”. He retorted, “you no Muslim!” “True” I replied, “however, Christians sometimes fast too”.
    The following week he further enlightened me, “I bet you think all Muslim’s are terrorists?” “No, of course not”, I replied, “however, of the 32 terrorist-related imprisonments in Australia, all 32 just happen to be Muslims”.
    The dialogue resumed the following week, “Sir, I have more rights to Australia than you” Omar informed me. “Really?” I replied, “my great grandfather moved here from Ireland in 1820.” “that don’t matter. We moved here from Morocco last year, but Allah made Australia so it’s ours”.
    “They teach you well in the mosque?” I wondered. “Oh yes” he confirmed.

    1. Amazing — what a story. But one hears such things even from cleverer people than your pupil. A couple of years ago, I sat at a dinner party next to a British Muslim woman who’s a professor of something or other. She helpfully informed me that everybody is a Muslim, though some people, such as regrettably I, may not yet realise it. I don’t remember what I said in reply, but the hostess, who was a friend, refused to have anything to do with me afterwards.

      1. Anyone can make an assertion based on no evidence. Likewise, anyone can make an opposing assertion based on no evidence. Both are worthless .

  2. “. And then, sounding positively Churchillian: ‘We shall never give in!’”

    I can only imagine what the media USA would have said if President Don uttered such words.

  3. Wonder if the “Scottish” “Secretary for justice” Humza Yousaf intends to make what is said at the local mosque a prosecutable hate crime, or only what is said around the kitchen table in one’s home.

    1. Another interesting question is how the words uttered at home will become known to the authorities. In the country where I grew up children were encouraged to inform on their parents. I’m afraid the country in which I grew old is moving in the same direction.

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