A room with an awful view

This picture was taken from my dining room window overlooking the New King’s Road. That’s in Fulham, London, in case you’re wondering.

Peeking out, I see that all the lampposts along my stretch of the street are tastefully decorated with flags bearing various messages of EU propaganda.

One message is Proud Members of the EU, and since it’s signed by the Hammersmith & Fulham Council, one has to assume it’s this body that feels the pride in question.

One can further surmise that H&F is pursuing its own foreign policy, independent of the UK, which is after all still looking to be on the way out. Yet presumably, even if Britain does leave, Hammersmith & Fulham doesn’t have to tag along.

But this being a democracy, first the denizens of Fulham must hold their own referendum on whether to stay in the UK or seek national sovereignty. Perhaps we could then declare war on Britain, lose it, and live off the fat of a reconstruction plan for the next century.

Alternatively, we may just receive subsidies from the EU, although this particular borough may face an uphill struggle trying to claim hardship.

I wish I could split away from H&F, but I can’t: a divorce settlement would be too costly and fraught with every manner of inconvenience. Perhaps I could just announce I’m leaving and then stay put. I don’t know, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “A room with an awful view”

  1. Pride. Pride and proud. I hate those words. I am proud too. I just got a new hot water heater installed yesterday. I need a pride day, a pride week, pride month, pride year, pride colors and flag, pride march, etc. Proud.

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