Another poor, alienated Muslim drives into a crowd

It seems like every time a Muslim engages in a bit of mass murder, the media describe him as either alienated or a loner or addicted to drugs or having A history of mental problems.

When mass murder is attempted by driving a large vehicle into a crowd, as it was the other day in Melbourne, no one suggests that the chap was simply a poor driver. That’s still to come.

No one identifies the real motivation either, or, if some intrepid paper does so, it’s always days after the fact. In this case, Australian media did mention in passing, after listing all the requisite mental problems, that the murderer was an Australian citizen, albeit of Afghan descent.

This glosses over the real reason for Islamic terrorism. It’s Islam. No other exists.

That doesn’t mean that a murderer may not also be alienated, on drugs or recently abandoned by his wife. But that’s not why he kills. He kills because he’s a Muslim and, as such, doctrinally committed to killing infidels. Drugs or, Allah forbid, booze, if used at all, are there to make suicide easier. But they don’t cause the homicide.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull so far hasn’t explained to the outraged multitudes that it’s wrong to blame Islam for this road mishap. Why, so far he hasn’t followed the example of his American and British counterparts to declare that Islam is a religion of peace.

He hasn’t even done what his future head of state, Prince Charles, did a few years ago. HRH explained that, though all religions start from different points, they all end up in the same place because at base they’re all the same.

As proof of this uncanny similarity, HRH drew a parallel between Jesus and Mohammed, who both had to flee their native land for fear of religious persecution. He didn’t expand his point further, by stating that Jesus and Mohammed also had the same internal organs and the same number of limbs.

More to the point, HRH didn’t mention that the first thing Mohammed did after moving from Mecca to Medina was behead several hundred Jews, many with his own sabre.

Jesus, if the Gospels are to be believed, never did anything quite so adventurous as that. Nor did he rob caravans, launch bandit raids on neighbours or start wars of conquest.

Jesus taught his flock to love not only friends but even enemies. Mohammed taught Muslims to kill not only their enemies, which is to say all non-Muslims, but even their friends, if the latter were wavering in their faith.

Other than those minor details, yes, Islam is a religion of peace that, though it starts from a different point, converges with Christianity at some point. It manifestly hasn’t quite converged yet, but, given the Royal reassurance, it will someday, soon.

Meanwhile, we all brace ourselves for more terrorist acts, which are, as London’s Muslim mayor suggested rather flippantly, to be expected in a big city. Quite. In a big city with a large Muslim population, but the mayor left that detail out.

Now, the facts show that a) close to 100 per cent of terrorist acts in the West are committed by Muslims, b) the number of terrorist acts, anti-Semitic peccadillos and the amount of violent crime in general are directly proportional to the number of resident Muslims so c) what do you think of a) and b)?

If you’re like US presidents before Trump or British prime ministers after Thatcher or the EU brass or Mrs Merkel, you must think that the only logical answer to the problem is to import even more Muslims, ideally millions of them.

Since millions of Muslims are guaranteed to include tens of thousands of potential mass murderers, that conclusion seems rather counterintuitive. But our leaders function according to a higher logic beyond our ken. Treat like with like, they preach, like having a hair of the dog the morning after the night before.

Except that this particular pick-me-up is bound to induce reflux, nausea and massive internal bleeding. Alas, one has to question the wisdom of our problem solvers at the helm.

To paraphrase Henry II, will anyone rid us of that troublesome Muslim beastliness? No one will, although some fascisoid groups may try, more in word than in deed.

In a recent survey, German Jews were asked which group they’d prefer as the country’s rulers, their home-grown neo-Nazis or the Muslims. After much soul searching they settled on the neo-Nazis. Given that Nazis and Jews have a bit of previous, the choice tells us more than all the claims about the peaceful nature of Islam.

Please join me in the prayer that we won’t have to make a similar choice. If we do, may I suggest a coin toss?

4 thoughts on “Another poor, alienated Muslim drives into a crowd”

  1. Just one tiny correction, if I may. Your phrase
    “When mass murder is done by driving a large vehicle into a crowd, as it was the other day in Melbourne”
    might be taken to mean that mass murder was done in Melbourne a couple of days ago. As nobody actually died, you might have been clearer. Although someone drove a large vehicle into a crowd, it was technically attempted mass murder.

  2. “Drugs or, Allah forbid, booze, if used at all, are there to make suicide easier”

    BZ in Iraq. Drugged jihadi attack an American military position having ingested massive amounts of BZ [“Buzz”] before hand. The jihadi knows in advance he is going to die [and wants to die] but he makes the transition from life to death much easier.

  3. The government and news media have expanded their descriptions of the Muslims who inflict murderous ideology upon the innocent. Up to now the killers have been described as young men radicalised on-line, or having extremist ideology, lone-wolfs, people with grievances for not been treated well and angry men with mental illness. With this latest violent act, we have been informed of a new term, “fixated person”. Saeed Noori, the driver who deliberately tried to kill as many as possible, is a fixated person.
    Saeed Noori will not be charged with a terrorist act as there is no religious, political or ideological motivation despite telling police that the treatment of Muslims was his grievance. It is time we come to terms with the true motivation which is obedience. Noori created terror, he has been obedient, he has done well according to the sacred writings of the Muslim; “kill the unbelievers” (Sura 2:190-192; 3:122, 4:95… Inject fear into the infidels: 3:151 and other references too numerous to cite.

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