Britain is a Nazi country

I can just see a look of incredulity on your face. You clearly aren’t going to accept such an outrageous accusation on my say-so.

Here’s proof

Well, if you don’t believe me when I say that Her Majesty’s realm is in the throes of institutionalised Nazism, I can happily provide irrefutable evidence, both verbal and pictorial.

The photograph on the left shows a Liverpool rally of the National Action Group that describes itself as “white jihadist”. The chaps in the picture are calling for “race traitors” to be “gassed”.

Both the language and the proposed method of punishment are unmistakable. Still not convinced?

Then get your head around this. Back in the 1930s, Britain had not one but two fascist parties. One of them was founded by a knight of the realm, Sir Oswald Mosley.

Not only that, but a large swathe of British aristocracy were pro-Nazi, including King Edward VIII, Lady Elizabeth Montagu Douglas Scott, the Duke of Hamilton, several Mitford sisters (those who weren’t communists), Viscount Astor’s whole Cliveden set – and let’s not forget Lord Rothermere, the owner of The Mail.

In January, 1934, he wrote a Daily Mail editorial entitled Hurrah for the Blackshirts, in which he praised Oswald Mosley for his “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine.”

And five years later Rothermere wrote to Hitler, congratulating him on the annexation of Czechslovakia and praising his “great and superhuman work in regenerating your country.” While he was at it, Rothermere also encouraged Hitler to invade Romania.

Add to this the fact that, before our reigning dynasty resorted to the subterfuge of changing its name to Windsor, it was called the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. Get it? What more proof do you need?

Britain is a Nazi country through and through, wholeheartedly committed to exterminating all inferior races, starting with you know whom. Open and shut case, if you ask me. Our only hope is to be invaded by Putin’s Russia, Europe’s most conservative and Christian country.

Can you take issue with my logic? Yes? Sorry about that. You are absolutely right. This logic is indeed like a colander, full of holes.

My only excuse is that the logic isn’t mine. I simply borrowed it from our Putinistas, from Atkinson to Hitchens and everyone in between.

They don’t even need to be asked to provide a rollcall of Ukrainian Banderite fascists from the same period when many Britons were that way inclined too. And if you object that these are things of the past, they’ll flash a QED smile and unfold a whole album of photographs showing today’s Ukrainian Nazis doing exactly what those Scouse lads are doing in the photo above.

Some of such Putinistas are actually the kettle calling the teapot black. Given half the chance, they’ll talk your ear off about the British being innately superior to certain objectionable racial groups, and one of them often regales his Facebook audience with laments about Hitler’s Nazis getting an undeservedly bad press. He also doesn’t bother to hide his own virulent anti-Semitism.

Yet even Putinistas who are less objectionable don’t seem to notice the gaping holes in their intellectual trousers. For all nations have their fair, sometimes unfair, share of Nazis. Even though these days such proclivities are low on street cred, go back some 85 years and you could tar practically all Western nations with the same brush.

Nazism, along with other brands of evil, has permanent residence in the human heart. So does good. It’s just that some civilisations, during some periods of their history, encourage the former more than the latter.

Having made a mental note of this demonstrable fact, look at the current events in the Ukraine and decide which side is closer to your idea of Nazism. To help that reflection along, look at the history of the Ukraine since she dropped the Russian yoke and compare it with the history of Russia during the same period.

Count the comparative numbers of political prisoners in both countries, victims of political assassination, beating and torture, the instances of naked aggression committed or underwritten by either side all over the globe. Then compare the elections in the Ukraine and Russia to see which is fairer. A comparison between their media wouldn’t go amiss either.

Finally, look at the moral fibre of the persons at the helm in both countries. And of course consider the way the two sides are conducting the current war under the leadership of their presidents.

Have you gone through this exercise? Splendid. Now you can tell those Putinistas where to shove their dirty pictures. Don’t forget to apologise for the ensuing proctological nuisance.

5 thoughts on “Britain is a Nazi country”

  1. I sometimes listen to the Acedemic Agent on YouTube. An Oxbridge type who is sometimes interesting. Whenever the ongoing conflict is mentioned, he and his ‘dissident’ pals whinge about what a nasty man Zelensky is. With a compliment of sinister allusions to ‘the tribe’ – it is Russia, not Ukraine, that is the darling of Western ethno-nationalists. The Bear is ‘based’ (youthspeak for stylishly ruthless) and along with China, will hopefully overthrow the Zionist World Order. White Gentiles who refuse to neck the anti-Semitic Koolaid are called ‘Good Goy’- a sort of European Uncle Tom.

    Do you ever find yourself wishing that the Communist Party had retained control of a rump Soviet Union, rather than the current arrangement?

  2. I find these “traditional” fascists not as scary as the new “liberal” fascists – those pushing their woke agenda who will not be stopped by logic or science. The “agree with me that humans have gender (not sex) and that there are 80+ genders or we’ll attack you and force your employer to fire you” crowd are more sinister.

    1. At least the woke brigade isn’t threatening to incinerate us all. But even if it’s as threatening, it’s just as hideous, albeit in a different way. Fascism comes in many guises, doesn’t it?

      1. The “white jihadists” would understand and might be proud to be labelled fascist, whereas the woke brigade wouldn’t understand why one would call them that or else they would be deeply offended and angered. After all, they’re standing up for the “rights” of everyone – except any who disagree, the real fascists.

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