Don’t tell the truth about Muslims

Sarah Champion, MP, is learning her lesson

Without claiming any psychiatric expertise, I’d still suggest that one reliable symptom of a mental disorder is accepting make-believe as real – and vice versa.

If you agree with this cracker-barrel foray into medicine, then you’ll also have to agree that the world we live in shows every sign of collective madness.

The borderline between virtual and actual reality isn’t so much blurred as erased – to a point where only virtual reality is accepted as genuine. Those daring to escape into the real world are castigated, ostracised and increasingly criminalised.

In a lunatic asylum run by the inmates, it’s a sane person who’s considered dangerously mad. Nabokov depicted such a situation in his dystopic novel Invitation to a Beheading, where the principal character is sentenced to death because he’s opaque in a world run by transparent people.

One such opaque person in our own dystopic world is Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham. So far she hasn’t been sentenced to decapitation, not legally at any rate. But she has received hundreds of private threats along those lines.

Like an East German risking his life in an attempt to go over the Wall, Miss Champion dared to flee virtual reality for the freedom offered by the truth (John 8:32). Speaking in public, she uttered these subversively poignant words:

“Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it.”

Yes, you most certainly did. Off with your head.

To start with, Jeremy Corbyn, who is successfully converting Labour into a Trotskyist party with that certain anti-Semitic je ne sais quoi, forced Miss Champion from the Labour front bench. “We are not going to blame any particular group or demonise any particular group,” he said.

There’s one key word missing at the end of that statement: unfairly. Without it, the statement doesn’t make any sense. If a particular group really is guilty, why not blame it?

It’s like saying “we’re not going to demonise the Nazis for the Holocaust, nor blame the Russian and Chinese communists for murdering 120 million people between them.”

If no problem with “British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls” exists, then Miss Champion should definitely suffer repercussions for her calumny. Making death threats is still a crime, but some censure is in order.

However, if the problem does exist, then Miss Champion should be praised for drawing public attention to it, even if she subsequently apologised for her action (she must have wept inwardly while doing so).

I’m going about this in such a pedantic manner simply to emphasise that this is how the issue would be approached in a sane world governed by actual reality. The first and only question to be asked would have been “Is it true?”, not “Does it contradict virtual reality?”

Yet in our mad world the correct question isn’t asked, partly because everyone knows the answer, even if most people don’t want to know it. Which is: yes, the problem does exist.

In 2012, nine men of the origin in question were convicted in Rochdale for running a child sex-abuse ring. That prompted extensive hearings in the House of Commons, which established disturbing facts.

Between 1997 and 2013 some 1,400 children, most of them white girls, were sexually abused in Rotherham predominantly by British Pakistanis. (They are coyly referred to as ‘Asians’, but trust me: we aren’t talking about Koreans here.)

Children were gang-raped, beaten, drawn into prostitution by gruesome death threats to them and their families and so forth, ad nauseam. And it wasn’t just in Rotherham.

Between the 1980s and 2010s, hundreds of girls were drugged, raped and beaten in Telford. Hundreds of rings similar to Rotherham’s were uncovered in Peterborough, Oxford, Newcastle and of course Rochdale.

According to the reports, 84 per cent of the criminals are ‘Asians’, meaning British Pakistanis. Striking farther afield, similar stories can be heard in any European country with a large Muslim presence: Germany, Sweden (where Muslims commit 85 per cent of rapes of girls under 15), Holland – and France.

Just yesterday I chatted with a woman in her thirties who lives with her husband and children in a Burgundian village not far from Auxerre. The nature of her work demands her presence in the city at least twice a week, which is why she’s thinking of moving elsewhere.

Every time she passes a group of Muslim men, she’s sexually harassed. When she declines their obscene advances or knocks off the hands pawing her, she’s called a racist – and other things I’d rather not repeat.

Her ordeal is typical and widespread – to such an extent that it’s hard not to make general statements, like those that got Miss Champion in trouble. Not only has her political career suffered, but she now has to live under police protection because denizens of the virtual world want to kill her.

One understands why the police in those crime-ridden places turned a blind eye for so long, even though they knew what was going on. Investigating Muslim men for abusing white girls en masse would have drawn accusations – and possibly charges – of racism.

Thus the charity Just Yorkshire has accused Miss Champion of “industrial-scale racism” and “inciting and inviting hatred against minorities”. And Muslim politicians in Yorkshire call her an ‘ogre’ and demand that she be deselected and replaced with a Muslim.

In short, Miss Champion is a heretic. She has sinned against the tenets of the only religion recognised in the virtual world, that of multi-culti probity.

This isn’t the place to analyse the Muslim propensity for such misbehaviour in any depth. Suffice it to say that the status of women is rather different in Islam, as anyone will testify who has seen floating through our streets gaggles of apparitions clad head to toe in black Halloween costumes.

It’s possible to trace all sorts of abnormalities, including paedophilia, to the Koran and its author, but I’ll leave such an inquest for Islamic scholars to conduct.

In any case, the outrages in Rotherham, Rochdale and elsewhere were perpetrated by chaps who drink, use drugs and in general display every sign of impiety. It’s not their religion that makes them act in this manner, not directly.  It’s the distant cultural echoes of the religion.

They hear those echoes in every tonal detail and translate them into the language of hate, such as that used by two convicted Pakistani rapists.

“White women,” one of them said, “are good only for people like me to use as trash.” The other one agreed: “All white girls are good for is sex, and they are just slags.”

Much as I despise the society’s-fault line of defence, it’s sometimes justified. Society’s acquiescence doesn’t absolve the monsters of individual responsibility, but part of the blame is indeed society’s.

It’s society that first admitted millions of those who refuse to live by its rules, preferring to impose their own. It’s society that then shifted into virtual reality and allowed alien sociopaths to act with impunity. It’s society that gags anyone who dares protest.

I’m afraid our society’s madness has gone beyond the point where it could be relieved with psychotropic drugs. Something more radical is required, such as electric shock or perhaps frontal lobotomy.

In the absence of radical intervention, things won’t get better. They’ll only get worse. Parents living side by side with large concentrations of Muslims: lock your daughters up.

2 thoughts on “Don’t tell the truth about Muslims”

  1. “British Pakistanis”

    “Being born in a barn hardly makes one a horse”

    Being born in Britain hardly makes the Pakistani British. 100 % clear.

  2. Ms Champion has got to come to grips with the fact that the crimes that she complains of are enabled (possibly aided and abetted) by bien pensants and unethical lobby groups (the fancy letterhead people) that try to censor criticism by using the rules of the madhouse that they themselves have invented. We have suffered worse censorship in the past. If I ran a newspaper, I would try to emulate the writers of the late Georgian period as follows.

    The parliament of Great Lilliput was apprised today of the news that large sections of the population were living in conditions of complete moral breakdown. The courts have found that several groups of criminals in major towns across the country have been committing acts of sexual assault, intimidation, kidnapping and enforced prostitution to the effect of slavery. The genders, ages, and ethnicity of both perpetrators and victims have been withheld for privacy reasons. Unfortunately, on being convicted, some perpetrators resorted to hate speech in order to excuse themselves rather than express remorse.

    Well Corbo, given the absence of ethnic or religious profiling in this report, we are waiting for your response.

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