EU talks Turkey

Erdogan and another future EU member

The EU is woven out of a tissue of lies, but they aren’t the same kind of lies.

Some are plain silly, such as that the EU, formed in 1992, has kept peace in Europe since 1945. Even assuming that this organisation can miraculously have a pacifying effect retroactively, this is a lie on many levels.

First, as denizens of Yugoslavia (remember it?) will testify, there has been no pan-European peace. What the Euro liars mean is that Germany hasn’t invaded France since 1945. Then why don’t they say so?

And why don’t they admit that the EU has nothing to do with such restraint? Post-war Germany has been deprived of any wherewithal to attack anybody, much less France that possesses a nuclear deterrent.

Any threat of post-war invasion came from the Soviet Union (aka Russia), and that was prevented not by the might of the EU, formed in 1992, but again by a nuclear deterrent, this time provided by NATO, formed in 1949.

Some other lies are perfidious, such as the one about the purely economic objectives pursued by the EU. In fact, as Jean Monnet and other founders were saying back in the ‘40s, when the EU was merely a twinkle in their eye, their aim was to form a single European state. This was to be achieved by a series of incremental steps, each sold to the credulous public as merely economic.

There are many other lies as well, such as that Germany doesn’t play a leading role in the EU. Yet one lie stands out as the most disgusting. The EU, claim its champions, picks up where the Holy Roman Empire left off.

Since most EU functionaries have gone to good schools, they can’t be so ignorant as to believe this nonsense. They must count on their audiences’ ignorance, and not without reason.

Medieval Europe was indeed united – in Christendom. Nationality implied no deep divisions then, as it does now. Italy, Germany and France, for example, can each justifiably claim Thomas Aquinas as their own. And the ethnically German Albertus Magnus, St Thomas’s teacher, spent most of his life in France.

Europe at the time had a single currency in precious metals, and educated Europeans conversed in a single language, Latin. But they were ultimately united in neither their money nor their language. They were united in Christ.

It was Christianity that made ethnic divisions trivial. Europeans perceived themselves as brothers at a level that transcended all others. They were united by what today’s barbarians call ‘values’.

The EU is also united by its ‘values’: powerlust, soulless materialism, socialist utopia of a single world government. These came to the fore during the Enlightenment, which etymologically derives from Lucifer, the original enlightener whose name means just that.

The EU thus doesn’t just deny the traditions of Christendom; it makes a mockery of them. Thus its claim of being heir to the medieval glory of Europe is a cynical lie.

To prove this point, Junk (as Jean-Claude Juncker is known to his friends) and Dusk (Donald Tusk), heads respectively of the European Commission and the European Council, will meet Turkey’s dictator Erdoğan to discuss Turkey’s admission to the EU.

The meeting will take place on 26 March in the Bulgarian city of Varna. Bulgaria is an excellent choice of venue, considering that back in 1876 the Turks massacred thousands of Bulgarians in the name of Allah.

Bulgaria must have been chosen in preference to other places capable of laying claim to the honour. Austria, for example, could qualify, for it was at the gates of Vienna in 1683 that the Polish king Jan Sobieski managed to defeat the Ottoman hordes, thereby saving Europe from being overrun.

One country that heaved a sigh of relief must have been Hungary, where the brutal Ottoman occupation had decimated the Christian population and destroyed medieval Hungary, along with thousands of lives. So Hungary too could be a suitable meeting place.

But my personal favourite would be Armenia, where fond memories of the Turks are of more recent provenance. For in 1915, the Ottomans, inspired by the Young Turks, founders of the modern Turkish state, systematically massacred 1.5 million Armenians – with Allah smiling benevolently from high above.

So, if the EU is brought together by shared ‘values’, exactly which of them does Turkey share? How can a Muslim country ruled by a brutal dictatorial regime, and having only five per cent of her territory in Europe, even remotely be described as European?

Springing to mind is Göring, who once said, in response to a Gestapo inquiry about his second-in-command Field-Marshal Milch, a suspected Jew: “At my headquarters I decide who’s a Jew and who isn’t.” Junk could paraphrase by saying: “In the EU I decide who’s European and who isn’t.”

Hence Junk could draw into the union such impeccably European countries as Saudi Arabia and Iran. They too could be seen as sharing EU ‘values’, the real ones, that is.

The EU is trying to undo the cataclysmic damage caused by an influx of Muslim migrants travelling to Europe through Turkey. The EU is paying Turkey billions every year to stem the flow, and perhaps even reroute some of it back where it came from. Clearly, EU membership is part of the payment for that service.

This misses a vital point. The arrival of a hundred thousand more Syrians here or there would damage Europe severely, but arguably not quite yet beyond recognition. The potential arrival of millions of Muslim Turks, however, would have exactly that effect.

Turkey is a country of 76 million. How many of them will prefer Burgundy or Bavaria to Anatolia? I don’t know. More important, neither do Junk and Angie.

The latter in particular should ponder the disruptive social and cultural (not to mention criminal) effect made by the half a million Turks already living in Germany. What if a modest 10 per cent of Turkey’s population decide to settle in Europe, which they’ll be entitled to do? Or shall we consider a perfectly realistic 20 per cent? Fifteen million Muslims?

Europe will become many things, but one thing it definitely won’t remain is European. And it’s not that Junk, Dusk, Manny and Angie don’t realise this. It’s just that they don’t care.

This kind of talking Turkey emphasises the true values unifying the EU. Its leaders would happily destroy Europe for the sake of preserving the European Union. One just hopes we’ll eventually break free of this wicked contrivance.

2 thoughts on “EU talks Turkey”

  1. “This is couched in the literary equivalent of Nazi and Soviet paintings depicting, respectively, a muscle-bound chap sporting swastika insignia or a muscle-bound chap raising high the hammer and sickle. ”

    Called the U.S. Army with 300,000 in Europe and nuclear capability.

  2. “For in 1915, the Ottomans, inspired by the Young Turks, founders of the modern Turkish state, systematically massacred 1.5 million Armenians – with Allah smiling benevolently from high above.”

    And don’t forget in the aftermath of WW1 the expulsion of ethnic Greeks from Anatolia. The Christian powers [are they that, Christian?] just looked on and did nothing.

    Erdogan just the other day was reminding everyone of the WHO the last Caliph was. A Turk of course.

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