False flags are flying

People who coalesce in groups to pursue a common goal are expected to inscribe that goal on their banners. Except they hardly ever do.

The inscription says: The victory of communism is inevitable

Their banners are really false flags. They flap in the wind not to declare but to conceal.

Just look at all the mass murders in history, be they genocide, democide or simply homicide. Each one hid behind a seemingly rational, perhaps even worthy, cause. This though murdering masses is the only real purpose of mass murder. Yet that desideratum would look uncomfortable if used as a slogan – hence the false flags.

The same goes for most of the ostensible causes championed by mass movements. That’s all such causes are – ostensible. They belong on the false flags, not in the hearts of their wavers.

MeToo and other feminist movements? False flags. Activists put them out to conceal their real animus.

BLM? Ditto. Mouthpieces for diversity, multiculturalism, immigration? Ditto. Extinction rebellion? Ditto. LGBTA+ rights? Ditto.

All these movements are Marxist, openly, covertly or at least typologically. They are driven not by a desire to improve the lot of their favourite group, but by the urge to destroy everything our civilisation has ever stood for.

Like all revolutionary movements, each of them starts with a core of hardnosed militants who gradually accumulate a coterie of duped followers, of the type Lenin ungratefully called useful idiots. All of them follow the strategies of Marxist subversion, even if some may be unaware of the provenance.

Most malcontents have never even read The Communist Manifesto, never mind Das Kapital. But there’s no need: the venomous miasma of Marxism has by now saturated the ambient air.  

Every word written by Marx sputters malice and hatred. The bearded one loathed everything about our civilisation: the religion that inspired it, the culture produced by the religion, the rich (except his acolyte Engels who paid Marx’s expenses), capitalists, priests, aristocrats, landowners, bankers, non-Marxist intelligentsia.

That whole edifice had to be brought down to satisfy Marx’s vicious cravings, and he mapped out a strategy to achieve that demolition. A revolution would provide a thunderous finale, but it had to be carefully prepared to make sure it wouldn’t be drowned in blood, the way all those 1848 revolutions and the 1870 Paris Commune were.

Numerous pinpricks had to set up the final thrust, and each pinprick was supposed to punch a hole in the fabric of Western society. For, according to Marx, the West was being torn apart by its “internal contradictions”, which were ultimately exploitable.

Marx focused his attention mainly on the conflict between the rich and the poor, or, as he put it, between the exploiters and the exploited.

True enough, the Industrial Revolution brought class tensions to the fore by creating ample opportunities for both quick enrichment and equally quick impoverishment. Masses of former peasants were leaving villages to become urban workers, and the initial shift was far from painless.

But Marx and Marxism weren’t driven by love of the downtrodden, much though they professed it. Their aim was to rend Western society asunder by sermons of resentment and hatred. “Class struggle” between the “capitalists and the proletariat” was at the time the most obvious slogan they could inscribe on their banners, but those flags were false.

That was subsequently proved by every country taken over by Marxists. Having seduced the masses by mendacious promises, they instantly went on to break every one. And, when the proletarians tried to protest, machineguns opened up, covering the ground with the corpses of the very people in whose name the takeover had occurred.

But sowing class hatred was a useful battering ram. Swing it often enough and hard enough, and it’s just possible that the edifice will begin to crumble.

Yet the strategy of destruction has developed from Marx’s time. Class resentment still provides productive seeds, but they aren’t the only ones. Actually, they now play a minor role in the crop rotation. After all, every ‘poor’ person driving a car, living in a private flat, sporting £200 trainers, and munching hamburgers while playing computer games is a walking argument against wholesale pauperisation.

That’s why sprouting more luxuriantly are other cultures, or rather sub-cultures. The strategy remains the same: gradual undermining of Western society. But the tactics have been multiplied and refined.

Sowing racial hatred is one such. Here white ‘liberals’ have learned to exploit black militancy with consummate mastery.

To give credit where it’s due, the vanguard of the black movement, which started in the US, has always been laudably honest. Groups from the Black Panthers to BLM have never denied their Marxist inspiration and affiliation. Quite the opposite, they are proud of it.

Yet the flags they wave are false. They haven’t always been, but they are now.

Peaceful protests against discrimination and segregation were justified when they began. People shouldn’t be mistreated because of their skin colour – any decent person would agree with that.

However, that fight was won in the 1960s. Whatever racial discrimination exists now, it’s in favour, not against, black people. (As Thomas Sowell showed so brilliantly, the common mistake is ascribing any shortfall of attainment to discrimination.)

Yet the success of the civil rights movement encouraged Marxist groups to put anti-racism slogans on their false flags. Their aim is to knock some keystones out of the Western edifice, and the race sledgehammer proved its usefulness.

Hence today’s BLM movement, rioting and screaming that black lives matter every time a white policeman takes one. That flag is as false as they come.

Considering that blacks commit about 85 per cent of all violent crimes in the US, some black criminals will inevitably die in clashes with police. In fact, white cops kill an average of about 200 black criminals a year, almost always in self-defence.    

Yet over the past 35 years, an estimated 324,000 blacks have been killed in the US by people of the same epidermal pigmentation. But those lives don’t matter. If they did, BLM thugs would be demanding that police be funded more generously, not defunded.

The real purpose of groups like BLM is to alienate the races, thereby enfeebling society, making it less resilient in the face of cultural and physical vandalism. Alienating the sexes pursues the same objective, whatever slogans are superimposed on the false flags.

Divorce and abortion on demand, generous single-mother allowances, encouragement of homosexuality and other perversions to the point of legalising homomarriage, MeToo – all these are Marxist tactics embodied to achieve Marxist ends.

In a way, these ends are even more pernicious than those of BLM for they strike at the family, the building block of Western society. Yet all such groups invariably put liberation on their false flags.

If you look specifically at abortion and homosexuality, can you think off the top which country was the first to legalise them?

Actually, it was Soviet Russia, in 1920 and 1934 respectively, which was neither the place nor the time otherwise known for a commitment to liberty. The Bolsheviks were out to uproot traditional Russia and spread salt on the ground to make sure nothing worthy would ever grow again.

They too were successful, after a fashion, and they have helpfully shared their experience with their Western followers. The most famous conduits for such knowledge are the Frankfurters who had fallen out of Marx’s buns, all those Marcuses, Adornos, Benjamins et al., who found American universities to be a fertile soil for their poison.

But the Frankfurt School isn’t the only culprit. In fact, both the Soviets and their descendants have always cultivated every seditious movement capable of fracturing the West. And they are still at it: for example, recently the Russians have been found to provide support for the Catalan separatist movement in Spain.

Trust me: few Russians toss and turn at night worrying about the oppressed Catalans. I’m not sure many Catalans do either – it’s hatred of Spain that keeps them awake.

However, it would be wrong to blame the Russians or anyone else exclusively. Once subversive groups have received the initial push, they begin to roll along, gathering momentum as they go. And the faster they go, the louder the flapping sound of their unfurled false flags.

7 thoughts on “False flags are flying”

      1. If religion is the only guard against Marxism then we are indeed stuck between Scylla and Charybdis!

        Who would have thought it!?

  1. ” the urge to destroy everything our civilisation has ever stood for.”

    And at a minimum always replace with something at a minimum worse than what was before. And usually much worse than what was before.

  2. I used to keep a bookmark in my browser to the Chicago Tribune’s murder tracking page. I used it at work for reference every time the media made a big deal about the police shooting an armed black suspect. Chicago had 469 murders in 2019. That jumped to 770 in 2020, the year of covid, and cries to defund the police. To date, 2021 is outpacing 2020 by 3%. (In a just world leaders like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot would be tried for crimes against humanity.)

    Over the holiday weekend, Chicago was home to 6 murders and 61 others wounded by gunfire. A 4-year-old boy was killed. Where is the outrage? Nowhere to be found, as the perpetrator was black. It does not fit the narrative as described so well in the article above. And if you were thinking it was that extra holiday added to the weekend that accounted for the six murders, you will relax knowing that there were six murders the weekend prior. Hurrah for consistency! Chicago has been home to over 40,000 murders since 1960. Of course, that number pales in comparison to the number of abortions – Illinois averages more than 40,000 per year! Hurrah for modernity and progress! Each day humans are better than we were the previous day.

  3. It would be one thing if these ideas were only promoted by relatively powerless groups and did not have the backing of government, the mass media and entertainment industries, educational institutions, and big business. But as they become the accepted dogma in powerful governmental and private institutions, they are strengthened by a kind of vicious cycle. More and more people will be indoctrinated to the dogma, and those who reject it privately will feel compelled to speak and act in ways that promote it. Law, social ostracism, and economic punishment are effective tools in making the ideology more entrenched and pervasive.

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