Happy Easter!

This is what I wish my readers on this most joyous day of the year – regardless of whether or not they are Christians, or what kind of Christians.

In fact, I have, among my friends, readers and reader-friends, Christians of every conceivable confession, Jews, atheists and agnostics.

The last two are a distinction without a difference, but there is enough in this event even for non-believers to celebrate, for without it our civilisation wouldn’t exist, and my readers and friends, whatever their faith, are civilised people.

Since they’re also intelligent, they realise that without Easter our world would be a different place and, for all our complaints and laments, not nearly as glorious a place. For here in the West the only alternative to Christian culture is none.

Speaking of our glorious world, my readers come from every corner of it, and – though they all self-evidently speak English – the words even strangers traditionally exchange on this day must sound more joyous to them in their mother tongue.

So Happy Easter, wherever you are – even if you celebrate Christ’s Resurrection on a different day or not at all:

Christ is risen!

Le Christ est ressuscité!

Christus ist auferstanden!

Cristo ha resucitado!

Cristo è risorto!

Kristus on üles tõusnud!

Kristus er oppstanden!

Xристос воскрес!

Chrystus zmartwychwstał!

Kristus vstal z mrtvých!

Cristo ressuscitou!

Kristus ir augšāmcēlies!

Christus is verrezen!

Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!

Krisztus feltámadt!

Kristus är uppstånden!

Kristus prisikėlė!

Kristus nousi kuolleista!

Hristos a înviat!


3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. “The last two are a distinction without a difference” Agnostics and atheists.

    That difference being that the former “knows there ain’t no heaven but prays there ain’t no hell!!’

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