Hey, Merkel!

Such is my considered and suitably moderate response to Angie’s attempt to ban Britons from the continent.

There’s also an element of schadenfreude involved in my reaction: we managed to sneak into France through the window that opened a crack a fortnight ago.

Sitting pretty in the midst of our Burgundian woods, I can now cock a snook at Angie and, more important, comment on this nonsense in a detached and disinterested manner.

Angie Merkel and her adopted son Manny Macron are genuinely concerned about the spread of a deadly contagion Brexititis simplex, of which Britons are prime carriers.

Hence they are trying to designate Britain as a ‘country of concern’. The concern is real: if unchecked, Brexititis can spread so rapidly that it’ll infect many EU members before Angie and Manny can do anything about it.

However, several Mediterranean countries oppose the suggested cordon sanitaire. They see Brexititis as the lesser evil compared to a likely ensuing pandemic of an even deadlier blight, Conditio paupertas, afflicting economies dependent on tourism.

Conditio paupertas may destroy immunity to Brexititis in any body politic. Greece, Malta, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal are particularly susceptible to the virus, and they are fighting tooth and nail to thwart what they see as Angie’s attack on everything they hold sacred, mainly money.

They are increasingly leaning towards relying on the new vaccine, Independentia instans, leaving the population exposed to Brexititis, but offering wide protection against Conditio paupertas.

It has to be said that Angie and Brigitte, who have shared custody of Manny, lately have been neglecting their ward. As a result, Manny was trounced in last week’s regional elections, where he was universally seen as an enfant grossly terrible.

That has evidently strengthened his resolve to keep Brexititis at bay, even at the risk of exposing his own country to Conditio paupertas. To that end, he is pushing all Europeans to submit to the cosmetic surgical procedure colloquially known as ‘cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face’.

You notice that I’m expressing the situation in medical terms, which is proof of my thoroughly modern outlook on life. Every condition must be medicalised to be taken seriously, which is a requirement I accept wholeheartedly.

However, Manny rejects the diktats of modernity and insists on musical metaphors instead. Thus he refers to the self-mutilation that Angie proposes and he supports as ‘harmonised response’, whereas in fact it appears to be widely discordant.

He then mixes his musical and medical metaphors by saying: “We are in concert and perfectly aligned with Angela Merkel. Vigilance with the emergence of this new variant, and of an absolutely indispensable European co-ordination.”

Manny is so much in concert with Angie that he has picked up from her the annoying German custom of treating verbs as dispensable afterthoughts. Yet his eagerness to play second fiddle to Angie in her attempt to keep Britons out is unmistakable.

That’s why I am so happy that we’ve managed to get in before the proposed measures are in place. Unless Manny decides to eject Britons already on the continent, we are in for a most congenial summer.

But hold on for a moment, someone is banging on the door. Let me see who it is…

P.S. Peter ‘Haw Haw’ Hitchens thinks the Royal Navy is stupid to have sailed past the Crimea, but Putin is clever to have annexed it, along with a good chunk of Eastern Ukraine. I fear for Peter should a war break out between Russia and Nato: wartime laws can have a strangulating effect.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Merkel!”

  1. It’s a terrible time to catch a case of wanderlust, but now I find myself longing to visit Portugal and Malta.
    In my minds eye, I see our intrepid host crossing the channel in a homemade raft, face darkened by shoe polish (don’t tell BLM) absolutely determined to acquire some decent cheese!

    As to your PS; it’s not just conservative ‘larpers’ who fawn over Russia, I know an old school leftie who reveres the place “but the KGB murdered millions” I feebly protest “MI6 were no better” comes the reply. I blame David Cornwell.

  2. I agree with PH . What the heck are we doing fooling around in the Black Sea with our skeletal navy and poking the Russian bear for no good reason .
    Stupid posturing from the resident idiot in No10 . Unbelievable !

  3. ” What the heck are we doing fooling around in the Black Sea with our skeletal navy and poking the Russian bear for no good reason .”

    Go to those places in Africa where the barges and ships that bring the illegals to Europe and sink the vessels before they sail. Maybe naval commando with limpit mines.

    Put me in charge boss!!

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