It’s not just the Old Testament that opposes perversion

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, according to Department of Education

The advantage of writing a blog, rather than a newspaper column, is that no newspaper would run the title above. Nothing is perverse these days, and one can claim otherwise only at one’s peril.

Blogs too will doubtless be censored soon, but, before they are, I feel free to comment on the counterattack that Orthodox Jews have launched against subversion by perversion.

The activist Shraga Stern has instructed solicitors to write to the education secretary that “to teach about homosexuality, same-sex relationships and gender reassignment [is] morally unacceptable and unlawful”. (Mr Stern is laudably opposed to sex education tout court, but he must realise that’s a fight long since lost.)

He’s certainly right about morally unacceptable, but I’m not sure about unlawful. The 2010 Equality Act does demand that children be taught about homosexual and gender-bender delights, with no exemption for faith schools specified.

This provides yet another proof that in modernity law and morality have gone their separate ways, with both diverging ever farther from the founding tenets of our civilisation, not to mention basic decency and common sense.

This separation is so insane that its advocates inevitably go soft in the head. Amanda Spielman, the Chief Inspector of Schools, illustrates this point most helpfully:

“We know a gay child might be born into any town, any family, any time,” she said in reply to Mr Stern’s complaint. “You can’t say in these communities there won’t be any gay children. This is about making sure every child has the chance to grow up with the right level of information [and] . . . access to the kinds of conversation or support they might want.”

It’s refreshing to see that someone entrusted to inspect schools cheerfully follows the singular ‘every child’ with the plural ‘their’, which alone should be grounds for summary dismissal. Yet this little indiscretion can be overlooked when popping up in the midst of so much illiterate drivel.

In the schools Miss Spielman inspects, children have little “chance to grow up with the right level” of literacy and numeracy. Yet they have their young heads stuffed to the gunwales with instruction on how to pinch the reservoir tip of a condom before pulling it on.

This invaluable tuition starts in kindergarten, and in elementary school it’s augmented by propaganda of homosexuality and gender-bending. Tots learn it’s all about free choice, that cornerstone of liberty.

If a boy chooses to stick his wee-wee into another boy, his choice is commendable and in no way inferior to normal sex – not that children should be encouraged to have any kind of sex before they grow up.

Equally, all children are free to choose the sex that best suits them from a large menu on the table. The last time I looked, the menu contained 22 options. Since I had never heard of 19 of them, I realise that real life must have passed me by and it’s too late now to catch up.

Contrary to Miss Spielman’s twaddle, children aren’t just informed about perversions – they’re implicitly encouraged to try them and see if that way they’ll grow up better prepared for adult life. It’s indoctrination, not education.

This educational trend is responsible for trans-sex operations becoming not just allowable but fashionable. We’re treated to the news of yet another man who used to be a woman being impregnated by a woman who used to be a man – and no one calls for the men in white coats.

I haven’t conducted a private poll, but it stands to reason that most youngsters changing their sex probably wouldn’t do so had they not been told that this is a perfectly valid choice.

Mr Stern says that, if draft guidance from the Department of Education goes into effect, thousands of Orthodox Jews would leave the UK for the sake of their children’s sanity (if they haven’t already been driven out by Muslim attacks).

But why should it be just Orthodox Jews who are aghast?

Admittedly neither Testament lists 22 sexes, or issues an injunction against changing from one to another. This just goes to show how infinitely more sophisticated we’ve become on the wave crest of progress.

Yet it’s not just Leviticus but also Romans that refers to homosexuality as ‘abomination’ punishable by infernal fires. God forbid secular schools should take any notice of such antiquarian matters, but surely Jewish and Christian schools must be allowed to be guided by their faith?

Apparently not. And I’m not even getting into esoteric arguments about the Judaeo-Christian nature of Western morality, even if ostensibly secular.

Nor am I appealing to aesthetics, banish the thought. However, show me someone who claims not wincing at the sight of, say, a putative woman sporting a five-o’clock shadow and speaking in a rich baritone, and I’ll show you a liar.

I’m simply saying that, for faith schools to fulfil their remit, they have to be free to teach their faith, including the morality the faith commands. Sounds sensible, doesn’t it?

However, when modernity speaks, morality, faith, decency, common sense and aesthetics stay silent. Or, if they do try to speak, they’re easily outshouted by a modernity that not only promotes perversion, but is itself one.

2 thoughts on “It’s not just the Old Testament that opposes perversion”

  1. By the time a child is in third grade [USA] he already has been taught four times how to put a condom on a banana. But has not been taught one thing about George Washington.

    And people wonder why the American school system seems to fail.

    I jest but not so excessively so.

  2. “…for faith schools to fulfil their remit, they have to be free to teach their faith, including the morality” …sounds logical, however, we have at least three looming problems, as legislation goes beyond the initial new”rights” they intend to protect.
    1. Teachers view are protected providing they did not offend. The courts would back the teacher as they would view teacher statements more favourably than the schools archaic views.
    2. The rights to hire is critical to maintain religious character, but defining belief is dissolving with what is seen as allowable withing streams of religion. A teacher may have had a gay minister at their last church.
    3. What happens when a staff member who has maintained absolute mission commitment suddenly discovers same-sex attraction? It would be very difficult to dismiss that person.

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