The Labour of hate

DeportationYet again the British Labour Party is riven by anti-Semitic scandals, which stands to reason. After all, the high priest of both international and national socialism is Marx (Hitler’s Table Talks: “We owe everything to Marx.”).

One thing owed is virulent hatred of the Jews, ever present in Marx in spite (a Freudian would say ‘because’) of his being Jewish himself. He bequeathed to his followers a whole thesaurus of such quotations as “…the Polish Jews… this dirtiest of all races” or “Thus we find every tyrant backed by a Jew”.

Today’s Labour Party dutifully reflects its founding philosophy, yet any party also adjusts its personality to that of its leader. Hence Labour anti-Semitic scandals, while relatively rare in the past, are now coming thick and fast.

Their leader Jeremy Corbyn has never met a Muslim terrorist he couldn’t love or a Jew he couldn’t hate. The first emotion is often communicated by both word and deed, the second by deed only, but it’s none the less obvious for it.

The party may not worship the ground Jeremy walks on, but it clearly keeps its ear to it. Hearing the subterraneous rumble of hate, it responds with alacrity.

One such response was enunciated by Naz Shah, an Islamic MP from the thoroughly Islamised city of Bradford. This parliamentarian vouchsafed to the electronic ether the proposal that Israel should be relocated to the US.

The idea is interesting, if somewhat lacking in novelty appeal. Before the Nazis arrived at a more radical way of solving the socialists’ eternal problem, they too had considered the idea of relocating all Jews to a faraway place, Madagascar as Eichmann proposed. And Stalin fortuitously died weeks before his own version of relocation was to come into effect.

Such relocation is also known by another name, but Miss Shah was right not to use it: ‘deportation’ leaves a particularly nasty taste in one’s mouth. But ‘relocation’ is effective enough, especially since the Jewish population of Israel is around the same six million that sentenced Eichmann to hang. I suspect the association occurred to the parliamentarian, bringing a sweet smile to her lips.

Corbyn at first refused to suspend this pride of the Mother of Parliaments, but then was forced to do so, while delivering a vindicating statement: “Naz has issued a fulsome apology. She does not hold these views and accepts she was completely wrong to have made these posts.”

Of course she doesn’t hold such views. It’s all just empty talk, an equivalent of those beery rants in Munich, circa 1923.

As to her apology being ‘fulsome’, for once Jeremy uttered a word of truth, if only unwittingly. The leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition doesn’t realise that ‘fulsome’ actually means ‘insincerely effusive’, but then one wouldn’t expect a professional Marxist to be up on the nuances of his supposedly native language.

After all, didn’t Marx teach that “the proletariat has no motherland”? Of course he did, and no motherland means no mother tongue – only an ungrammatical patois for conveying hateful sound bytes.

Former London mayor Ken Livingston, known as ‘Red Ken’, isn’t as bound by political restrictions as his best friend Jeremy. That’s why he explained that the idea of deporting six million Jews as a way of solving all the little problems of the world isn’t at all anti-Semitic.

Actually nothing is. Not even uploading the Nazi film Der Ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) commissioned by another socialist connoisseur of interracial relations, Dr Goebbels.

This creative use of YouTube can be credited to another Bradford politician, Councillor Istiaq Ahmed. The upload helpfully came with the original Nazi write-up:

The Eternal Jew is the first film that not only gives a full picture of Jewry, but provides a broad factual treatment of… this parasitic race… It also shows why healthy peoples in every age have responded to the Jews with disgust and loathing, often enough to express their feelings through deeds.” Such as ‘relocation’.

Won’t it be fun when our, or rather the EU’s, immigration policy has turned all of Britain into one contiguous Bradford? Perhaps British Jews will then have to take up Naz Shah on her kind offer.

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