Those N. Korean geniuses

Southeast Asians, including North Koreans, tend to have slightly higher IQs than Europeans and North Americans

This fact may pique one’s interest for a second or two. But it doesn’t begin to explain the staggeringly rapid success of Kim’s armament programme.

After all, it takes more than just a few brainy scientists and engineers to become one of the world’s best-armed countries. The nature of modern weapons is such that their development and production requires an awful lot of money.

Yet N. Korea’s per capita GDP is about 50 per cent lower than that of Bangladesh, which can’t be convincingly described as a paragon of prosperity. In spite of that the country spends the better part of $4 billion a year on the military.

This may sound like quite a lot to you and me. But we aren’t trying to match up to NATO’s military might. N. Korea is, and for that purpose the cited sum is grossly inadequate, especially since the country’s pronounced goals are quite ambitious.

Kim has declared that the US is “the main criminal” responsible for “centuries of massacres” against N. Korea. That made the Yanks not only dastardly but also prescient, for North Korea only came into existence in 1948. But we aren’t going to quibble about numbers, are we? One way or the other, N. Korea and the USA “will never be at peace”, and America ought to be “bludgeoned to death with sticks like a rabid dog”.

‘Sticks’, you understand, is a figure of speech denoting some sophisticated hardware to be used in the bludgeoning capacity, specifically to vaporise a major US city, leaving behind nothing but “gloom and ash”. Such sticks cost a fortune to develop and then even more to produce.

I don’t know how Kim’s military budget is broken down, but I’d imagine that maintaining a standing army of 1.5 million well-armed soldiers must consume its lion’s share – even considering that those poor chaps are unpaid.

That leaves a mere pittance even for R&D in things like hydrogen bombs, missile submarines, ICBMs carrying miniaturised nuclear warheads – never mind their mass production. At most, even considering the superior mental prowess of N. Koreans, this may barely suffice for copying ready-made technologies and implementing them with imported components.

Yet N. Koreans assure their credulous audiences in the West that their scientists and engineers don’t need foreign help to work miracles. Armed with history’s most progressive ideology, they stop being mere intellectual giants. They become demigods capable of performing feats well beyond the reach of those underachieving and uninspired Americans and Russians, who used to pioneer such development.

What took those backward laggards years, often decades, Kim’s eggheads can accomplish in months – on a shoestring and with a most primitive scientific and industrial base. That’s what even a slightly higher IQ can achieve, to say nothing of the encouragement and instruction Kim personally offers his boffins.

Just consider the astounding progress of Kim’s rocketry. In 2016 and early 2017 N. Koreans had several failed tests of the intermediate-range, single-stage missile Hwasong-10 based on the Soviet missile R-27. Yet already on 14 May, 2017, they successfully tested the next-generation Hwasong-12, another single-stage rocket, powered by the souped-up version of the same engine.

Hwasong-12 possessed enough range to hit Guam or even Alaska. The second successful test, on 29 August, launched the missile over Japan. It took both Americans and Russians several years to cover the same distance in missile development. Kim’s superhuman geniuses did so in a few months.

But that wasn’t all. On 4 and 28 July, 2017, the N. Koreans successfully tested the two-stage missile Hwasong-14 powered by the slightly modified Russian RD-250 engine. Now there we’re looking at serious kit: the missile’s range of up to 10,000 km is enough to reach Los Angeles.

The breath-taking, head-spinning tempo of this progress is unprecedented. Normally the whole process would take up to 15 years, and did in both Russia and the US. Yet the N. Koreans covered the same distance in fewer months than the number of years it took the world’s greatest military superpowers.

Do you still think Kim’s boys had no outside help? If so, you disagree with experts who state unanimously and unequivocally that, even considering those chaps’ stratospheric IQs, such an achievement is impossible. Not unlikely. Not improbable. Impossible.

That means N. Korea did indeed have outside help, and you’re getting no prizes for guessing where it came from. All the technologies and key components were transferred to Kim by Putin – one ‘strong leader’ helping out another. The Koreans then applied their own ingenuity, knowhow and meagre resources to screwing those missiles together at a record-breaking speed.

Nor is it hardware only. The Russians have also transferred to Kim their paranoia, well-honed over centuries.

The whole world has been united in its urgent desire to destroy (subjugate, corrupt, impoverish – the verbs change from time to time) Russia since way before Russia was even known as such. And now Kim has been trained to howl that the world has for centuries harboured similarly bloodthirsty plans against a country that has only existed for 69 years.

Putin has explained, urbi et orbi, that Kim needs a strategic capability in order to survive. “We all remember what happened to Iraq and Saddam Hussein,” explained the KGB colonel. “His children were killed, his grandson was shot, the whole country destroyed and Saddam himself hanged.”

N. Korea, one of the world’s most satanic states, is thus depicted as an innocent lamb about to be led to slaughter by those awful Yanks. Yet somehow, the Americans didn’t pounce when it became known that N. Korea was becoming a nuclear power.

Was it perhaps because they followed the same doctrine of containment they had earlier applied to the USSR? And is it possible that they’re making belligerent noises now only because containment has failed and N. Korean communists are openly threatening US bases and even the mainland?

There does exist a causal relationship between Kim’s Russian-supplied nuclear ICBMs and Trump’s threats. But it’s exactly opposite to the morbid vision Putin and Kim try to peddle to the world.

N. Korea has become, and Putin’s Russia is rapidly becoming, a pariah state. As such they’re natural allies, friends even. And friends must help one another – this is the simple philosophy whence N. Korea’s nuclear ICBMs have come.

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  1. The Axis powers and Japan were practically running on empty at the start of WW2. They could not cope with the huge wealth and staggering productive capacity of the USA. Now Un and Vlad are running on empty but the USA is running on minus empty. We live in interesting times.

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