Who’s behind BLM?

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I do, however, believe in facts. And these are unequivocal: global revolts like Black Lives Matter don’t sprout haphazardly. They require organisation, funding and coordination.

Yes, and what else?

When a revolt is as global and well-coordinated as BLM, it has to be built on a groundwork painstakingly prepared over years by a large group of professionals. By large, I mean thousands, because history shows that’s what it takes.

That group starts with criminal objectives and pursues them by fomenting criminal action, trying to paralyse Western societies, demonise their histories, vandalise their cities, debunk their heroes, vilify their politics and culture, sow discord, promote hatred and polarisation. The ultimate goal is to undermine the West, making it ripe for a calamitous revolution.

As with any crime, any search for its perpetrators begins by identifying those who have the motive, means and opportunity. Before we decide who that might be, let’s look for clues in the documents issued by BLM and allied groups.

Fortunately, such groups are never reticent about their aims. They can’t afford to be because they need to attract followers, who must know what it is they are supposed to follow.

Thus the writings of Marx and Engels contain a detailed blueprint for a communist state. Nothing was left unsaid, not concentration camps, not confiscation of all private property, not relentless brainwashing from cradle to grave, not genocide, not elimination of the wealthy classes.

Their disciple Lenin didn’t go out of his way to conceal his plans either. On the contrary, he had been outlining them in increasingly evil detail for some 20 years before the Bolshevik takeover.

Hitler, who also acknowledged, if less frequently, his indebtedness to Marx, jammed his 1925 book Mein Kampf with numerous rants about the Jews and his plans for their extermination.

The upshot is that evil documents issued by evil men must be studied, analysed – and believed. And when we don’t know exactly who stands behind a subversive campaign, such documents provide a reliable clue.

With that in mind, let’s look at the US website of one BLM affiliate, the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL) formed in December of 2014.

Their declared aim is “to develop shared assessments of what political interventions were necessary in order to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins.” They then proceed to make it clear that their wins will spell our losses:

“We believe that prisons, police and all other institutions that inflict violence on Black people must be abolished and replaced by institutions that value and affirm the flourishing of Black lives.”

In other words, M4BL wishes to abolish the rule of law, which is impossible to maintain without enforcement. As justification, BLM cites mendacious statistics, such as that, compared to whites, twice as many blacks are shot by police.

The proportion holds true per 100,000 population – but not per 100,000 crimes. This indeed constitutes gross injustice, considering that American blacks commit 85 per cent of all violent offences. For justice to be restored, the cited proportion ought to be much higher.

“We believe in centering the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized Black people, including but not limited to those who are trans and queer, women and femmes, currently and formerly incarcerated, immigrants, disabled, working class, and poor.”

In short, give us a malcontent, and we’ll provide a cause. This is another confirmation of the interconnected nature of all ‘protest movements’. The exact grievance doesn’t matter – what matters is that a grievance exists and it can be exploited.

“The current systems we live inside of need to be radically transformed, which includes a realignment of global power. We are creating a proactive, movement-based vision instead of a reactionary one.”

In other words, M4BL is calling for a world revolution. That’s a clue if I’ve ever seen one.

Here’s another: “We believe and understand that Black people will never achieve liberation under the current global racialized capitalist system. We are intentional about amplifying the particular experiences of racial, economic, and gender-based state and interpersonal violence that Black women, queer, trans, gender nonconforming, intersex, and disabled people face. Cisheteropatriarchy and ableism are central and instrumental to anti-Blackness and racial capitalism, and have been internalized within our communities and movements.”

I had to look up ‘cisheteropatriarchy’, and found it means ‘misogynist patriarchy’. ‘Ableism’, I assume, means correlating rewards with ability. Can’t have that.

But the general message shines through the dreadful language: these groups want a communist revolution. So who stands behind BLM, coordinating it with all seemingly unconnected movements to turn the West upside down under communist slogans? Who has the motive, means and proven record?

For someone who, like me, grew up in the midst of anti-Western hysteria channelled into similar conduits, the answer isn’t in dispute. It has to be Russia, capitalising on her 80 years’ experience in anti-Western subversion (or perhaps 70 years, if we subtract the 1990-2000 hiatus in such activities).

The auspicious start was the 1919 founding of Comintern, a GPU-run network dedicated to global propaganda, subversion and espionage. Immediately emerging as its star was the German communist Willi Münzenberg, the underrated genius of large-scale brainwashing.

Münzenberg created numerous front organisations he called ‘Innocents’ Clubs’, and Lenin called ‘useful idiots’. The overall objective was to extol the virtues of Bolshevism and demonise the evils of the West.

Many fronts were ostensibly devoted to benign causes, such as famine relief, but they were never allowed to deviate from the main objective. “These people,” Münzenberg once said, “have the belief they are actually doing this themselves. This belief must be preserved at any price.”

The fronts diverted funds into the Münzenberg Trust, a conglomerate of newspapers, publishing houses, theatres, cinemas and film production companies all over the world. Willi was a busy boy, and so he remained until he fell out with his Soviet masters and was ‘whacked’ in a French forest.

It was the Münzenberg Trust that whipped up a global campaign in defence of Sacco and Vanzetti, anarchist murderers eventually sentenced to death in the US. Much was made of their Italian origin, and America was widely portrayed as an inherently racist country.

That theme was never muted even after Münzenberg’s demise. Throughout my youth we were taught to bring racism up whenever talking to Americans. “But you lynch Negroes” was a mandated stock response to any remark, such as “In America, [we can say whatever we want, people don’t live in communal flats, most have cars, leaders are elected, not appointed etc.]”.

Cartoons depicting black people dangling off trees were a daily treat, forming part of a massive anti-American (and anti-Western) campaign. That experience clearly stands the present regime in good stead too.

Instigating and exploiting racial tensions in America is undeniably part of Russia’s offensive against the West, in which so far propaganda plays the main role. Things like assassinations, meddling in Western politics, attempts to discredit offensive politicians and even military action are still secondary, but the strategy can change overnight.

I can’t prove that the Russians are behind BLM. I know they are, but knowledge and proof are different things. Yet with better resources, those that only governments possess, an unassailable case would be easy to make. I hope one day it will be.

11 thoughts on “Who’s behind BLM?”

        1. Indeed, the world-wide dimension and occurring so fast as it did.

          ALSO that all these vaunted intelligence agencies of police, FBI, Homeland Security did not have a clue that any of this was going to occur. That does seem strange to me.

  1. Russia behind BLM? Interesting, though an unpopular explanation for its implication that blacks are incapable of creating a great movement, destructive or otherwise, on their own. I’m sure the Wok crowd would love you for this theory, Mr Boot.

      1. I wouldn’t rule out Obama and his “citizens army” that he touted when in office. He was/is basically a rabble rouser from his Chicago days and he’s always happy to foment grievances. He will do anything to discredit Trump as a bonus.

    1. If not actually organizing the whole charade, at a minimum taking advantage of the situation and weakening American society greatly.

  2. Even Robert the Bruce is a target. Robert wanted his enbalmed heart buried in Jerusalem. James Douglas carrying the heart to the Holy Land killed while fighting Saracens [Muslims] in Spain. James referred to as the Black Douglas [for BLM I bet the irony totally lost]. I guess Robert and James considered Crusaders [heaven forbid] as is St. Louis.

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